Tory Johnson's smart solutions for your life

Smartphone accessories, kitchen gadgets and more in this week's Deals & Steals.
4:52 | 02/25/20

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Transcript for Tory Johnson's smart solutions for your life
possible problem. Here with some steals on smart solutions to help simplify your life is our very own Tory Johnson. As always, we partnered with these companies to bring you incredible savings. Michael actually owns this. I think keke would get a big, big kick out of this. So this is a USB lighter, it replaces a butane lighter. Oh, wow. So cool. You push it out. You press the button. That's right. It's rechargeable. It comes with a little cord to charge it and it's environmentally friendly because no toxic butane and it's not disposable. And it's a great deal. Normally $30. I love E the assortment of colors, we've got all new colors. Today slashed in half, $15. 15 bucks. This is spatty, this was once on "Shark tank." When you get to the bottom of the container of a condiment -- and you can't get that last little bit -- Oh, this is amazing. Only if my dad had this when we were kids. We don't want to waste. Spatty comes in singles and sets, normally $5.50 to $11. Today it's all slashed in half, starts at $2.50. That's a great idea. I use these at home. These are great. Those silicon covers replace plastic. You can turn a bowl into a container. So if you don't have -- it's not designed to lift it like that. Well, mine, mine was. Sara's wasn't. It's a cover. I was showing you what not to do with these products. It's not a carrier, it's a cover. But it creates an airtight seal. You don't need to use aluminum foil. If you're heating up something -- Microwave or oven, it's heat safe. Plus, in the refrigerator. The company also makes this really awesome coffee grinder. Typically a grinder has a blade and the blade means that you don't get even grinds. This is called a burr blade -- grinder -- this burr blade allows you to -- see how everything in there is very fine. It will give you the most perfectly evenly ground coffee beans so your coffee tastes better. Normally these start at $8. This is $400. Everything is slashed in half. $4 to $200. It's a good one. That's great. This company is called eye just. You were talking the other day. You were wearing glasses and you said her eyes hurt because she's staring at her screen too much. These are blue light blockers. They'll reduce the blue light on your screen. Blue light blockers for glasses. But this is just a little extra protection. A tiny film that goes on your phone. It can affect your sleep if you watch the blue. It affects your eyes and It affects your eyes and it affects sleep. Different sizes for a variety of devices. Normally 35 to $56. Slashed in half, they start at $17.50. It's worth it, save the eyes. Save the eyes. Speaking of phones, this is from gear beast. Keeps you hands-free, your phone really close. A wallet to go on the phone. There's also this cool phone wrist -- with just two fingers right in there. Two fingers you can carry your phone on the go. Today these are all slashed in half, they start at $5. Wow. Another really cool company, so condensation is a problem. This is called barnacle coasters. You see right here. The water leaks, what happens is, all over your desk, keep this as coaster 2.0. To save the wood. People put stuff on wood. You pop it in and twist it and it will stay in place. Normally a set of four is $24. Not today, it's slashed in half, $12.50. Guess what, our audience is all going home with products

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Smartphone accessories, kitchen gadgets and more in this week's Deals & Steals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69205011","title":"Tory Johnson's smart solutions for your life","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/tory-johnsons-smart-solutions-life-69205011"}