$25,000 Side Hustle Showdown: Sienna Sauce vs. Mani Glovz

Is sauce the boss or will the glove get more love? Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff and Kim Perell decide who's moving on to the final round.
8:16 | 08/15/19

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Transcript for $25,000 Side Hustle Showdown: Sienna Sauce vs. Mani Glovz
And I sat helpful showdown. All weeklong that Pete sent home in hockey news all around the world in country have pitched their products to entrepreneur and self made millionaire. Came around. I'm grand I would twenty got thousand dollars to put toward their business. Kim what do you look and is he today. I'm excited today and will be to see passionate people all take their idea is and taken to the next level side hustle play here. Teaming yeah. Amazing Rebecca me off here what are you expecting to see today it also led tells on about your story. So actually moves your rams eighteen pack had a sign has close working for designer did mine brand on the side and one neck at the call sent your fired its U. Yet but instead she's I got here for you really need to go off in your own thing it was the push I needed. So I can't decide SO going to start enough money today eat my prominent. I asked seltzer water. And that fifteen years later have a global brand so yeah. I'm a big fan and I started a fan when I'm with a high school at least OG OGV and he. How much they weigh I have a fox up front of an earth can I start out just like. All of you so it's exciting to hear your story and see what happens. A mother and daughter teen from Houston Texas lay he's. At first know what your main thing needs and then tell me that decide as a bloc I don't pulls back full time student marriage find high school and involved in the black. And that's about forest. And this is my thigh muscle and is gonna turn into my passion that's where men it. Okay. Full time HR operations manager ideas apparently quit my job to help my daughter focused on her back okay. It's just the most you know because just as they are coming this far in this journey has been amazing testing just the winner not to simulation. All I. Come yet out. Taking away. Because our study right here and near city when I was eight years old. And that's failing place close down cell after remaining used to it I created two additional play risk. We'll and then got hurt and spicy using the basting eat my sauce is a high fructose corn soap creek and little brings us now only in the good. YE a few. My mother tell me follow my dreams of seanez husband gimme a household name in a male dominated industry. And yeah. Look at pipe back out now as we plan born. It's cannot distribution program created entrepreneurship opportunities all over the world and also all rebrand label so it can. Off the shelves he. Commit luck ends not yeah yeah. Well good page as your next item hustles show dance. Beloved eleven pat press excellent isn't the only good thing. And then exceeded. The sauce moss I love it thank you. I'm Sox. Atlanta thinking back into anything and so I love the lemon pepper I think it's delicious and I'm so happy it's industry because I can't I wouldn't pollute our. I personally think that like when you say provide opportunities for new entrepreneur or is it you could help clarify what that means for area. Well done and our mission beach. Program we allow our continuation opportunities for people all over the weld. And by doing that they buy from us wholesale and then they're able to. Sele and make a profit so we love doing that and allows evening young entrepreneurs and dumb old argument Miller is too. Just give that jumpstart and entrepreneurship if they've never had on the floor. And which is excited to share is for the well so we win everyone else Killen with us. I. Hello I'm mom of three from purchase New York camp tell me not what you knew and what your sky Angel Salinas. My I'm my momma threesome that keeps me super busy attic focus on my many Glantz who many as well sixty seconds LaBeouf that comes out. Take it was okay. Keller you doing are you exposing your hands to aging and harmful UV rays when you're getting your John manager. Well would not with Manny glad she got Matty gloves are you. UV protective gloves. That block Colbern 98% of all UV rays and this is why I created Manning glanced to give up women app fun and fashionable way. To protect their skin. Over eighty. Now wants services last year much of this was due to the explosion of jell manicurist. Which promised to two to four weeks staying power and unbeatable shine but the down citi's you're putting your hands under these harmful UV and LED rain is. Getting sunspots. Premature gringos maybe even skin cancer. This is up punish chic fashionable solution to protect your skin women are all singing thing that driving. To start focusing honor not just. I'm. But then yeah Rick they aren't likely fit me and they left right up until now yesterday yeah. The delta but by then they feel good the very similar effect living well that's not only here do you agree they happen. I love the fit of I was very well spoken thing I never thought when ago in the now sonim might be. Absolutely lady can't check like how we distribute them. Right now we're selling on our website where and dermatologists offices. Salons now now flowers. I think fans. I definitely need I think if you where to go there out of potentially pairing with that famous mail grand whether it's an SE or an OPI and make it sort of add to their nail care package yeah that's a huge area of business for them and they would love to do custom lions club. I'm park he had just twenty seconds between you both to deliberate twenty seconds and give back doesn't who do you think won this round. Okay. News light and no. Degrees below sweet songs I sing anything union and yeah well it right and I'm so please I want you guys I'm. Out of the villages in the morning exiles. And that we'll camp it's time touring bill. Who. We'll be going on to the next step in the going to be in the that it costs. They still has been an incredible pitch so just want to say that and I think. York many gloves he's there and incredible I think that finding a little bit more of how we're gonna actually take those to the next level in terms and distribution. And definitely keep going but. The person going on its claim it S not. Then tell you gotta pump. All time joining Diana we'll decide which one and I semi finalist is going looked at thousands Dallas.

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{"duration":"8:16","description":"Is sauce the boss or will the glove get more love? Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff and Kim Perell decide who's moving on to the final round.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64995319","title":"$25,000 Side Hustle Showdown: Sienna Sauce vs. Mani Glovz","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/25000-side-hustle-showdown-sienna-sauce-mani-glovz-64995319"}