'Bachelor In Paradise' breakdown: Blake's love triangle

Cast member Nicole Lopez-Alvar and "Bachelor" guru Jared Freid join Meghan Trainor, Michael, Sara and Keke to break down the first two episodes.
7:56 | 08/07/19

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Transcript for 'Bachelor In Paradise' breakdown: Blake's love triangle
Meghan Trainor is a fan. She's sticking around. Also joining us to talk through the two-part season premiere is current bachelor in paradise cast member, Nicole lopez-alvar and self-proclaimed "Bachelor" guru, Jared Freid. Thank you, thank you. So just to get right into, 22 people arrived in paradise in the episode last night. What was your first impression of the group? Oh, my god, I was so nervous being there. These people are beautiful. I'm nervous. I don't even know how to talk to guys. You're beautiful, too. Thank you. Thank you. But, I mean, I'm like in shock. I can't believe I'm here. All these singles, I'm ready to go. It was thirsty. People came thirsty in every way. For Instagram followers, for love, for the whole thing -- It was a drought. It was a drought. You're right. And everyone has their own motives and you can see it right away, cam comes in a funny shirt. Okay, he's hilarious now. And you know, you see certain people are there for love and certain people are there for other reasons that's kind of the "Bachelor in paradise." It's kind of the avengers of the bachelor universe. There's a hole, the muc. I saw a gentleman that came out in a speedo. But I'm just curious though -- Meghan, what would you do if a dude walked out in speedo, Nicole as well? I would think brave. Brave. Bold. Especially if it's clay. -- You know, brought the heat. Now, there was some drama that ensued immediately with Blake. Okay, he stepped into a little bit of a love triangle. Here's a clip. We saw each other at stagecoach. We had a date, too. He was like, I have to tell you something. The day before I hooked up with you I hooked up with Kristina. I'm Kristina and I'm back. You dated Blake? I dated Blake for a little bit. I was with him one night and he was with somebody else the following night. He was with you one night and he was with caelynn. I made my bed and I'm going to sleep it in. Did you change the sheets? Wow. Me and Kristina were friends. I'm not going to apologize for being a single man and like, things got away from us. But like, I'm not in a relationship with her. I'm not in a relationship with anybody. Literally, I'm walking on this beach and I'm not enjoying myself. I'm sick of it. You literally told me to lie for you. I'm so sorry. There was not a lot of sleeping in that bed, I promise you that. And here, I'll tell you one thing, the stagecoach festival sold some tickets last night. Okay? Every horny guy named Chad in his 20s will be there next year. I promise you, okay. I promise you. Nicole, you were there watching this unfold, what were your thoughts about all of this? It was insane. At first I'm thinking, he's into Hannah, but wait, he hooked up with caelynn, and then Christina. We're all spilling the tee, the tea is brewing. Apparently, everyone has been hooking up with everyone. I could barely say hi to a guy. Nicole, come on. You're on a show called "Bachelor in paradise." And a bachelor acted like he was in paradise. Honestly, what are you talking about. Jared makes a great point. Jared makes a great point. In the real world that's totally normal. In realtime last night he went on Instagram to clarify himself. What did he say on Instagram? On Instagram, Blake comes out and shows the texts, so that's like -- it's pretty damning. Obviously, they have had a couple of beverages. They're at the stagecoach festival. She writes, come over it's strictly for sex. He goes, nothing more nothing less, he says, that's what they all say. And she writes, I'm just trying to be honest. She basically says, I'm game. It's basically them going, hey, maybe we shouldn't talk about this because I think -- Nicole can speak to this, going on the show you don't want to be matched up with somebody before you go on. That's a bait and switch. Exactly. If you go on the show and everybody knows they've been together, you're coming there to win the show. So I understand why. She comes on the show and says she was kept as a secret. You were part of the secret a little bit. You can't change -- But it's very easy to go, look at this guy who, you know, hooked up with two women in 48 hours and he's the jerk. I'm defending the undefendable. Okay? You're making clear points. I understand, he wanted to be a "Good guy" and being a "Good guy" makes you evil at some point. He wanted to be a straight-up guy. Yeah, this is what I did, this is what happened. I love the reaction, he put up the text and Meghan almost jumped out of her seat. I want to ask you, we're running out of time, how did your date go with clay? Thank you. It was like the most normal part of the show, it was almost boring. And then the thing with annelise -- Annelise -- one of the characters came and called out clay and said it's too soon for you to be dating. Because he had to dated one of her friends. Which is insane. You should be lucky to get a breakup in this day and age. Okay? He didn't ghost her, he didn't disappear. She got a breakup. Three months go by. Blake would have been with 7,000 women by that point. What are we talking about? "Bachelor in paradise." This is paradise. I felt like -- I trusted clay at that point completely. Okay, after the Jed situation and things we have seen. I trust him, I don't want to be the rebound girl, though. Nobody wants to be the rebound. I had that in the back of my mind. I trust him, he's a football player. He has a serious life outside of the bachelor world. That is -- that is by far the truth. Good discipline. Do you know how many times you can swipe a dating app in three months? Over a million. With this show, though -- You can hurt your finger. We have had two episodes and four hours later, no rose ceremony, so we still have a lot to look forward to. We're going to be doing this every week to catch up. Yes. Thank you to our esteemed panel for helping us today. Thank you so much, Nicole. You guys want to see this. Check out Jared's live bachelor recaps on Instagram. And don't forget to tune in again next Wednesday when we break down the latest paradise drama.

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{"duration":"7:56","description":"Cast member Nicole Lopez-Alvar and \"Bachelor\" guru Jared Freid join Meghan Trainor, Michael, Sara and Keke to break down the first two episodes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64831761","title":"'Bachelor In Paradise' breakdown: Blake's love triangle","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/bachelor-paradise-breakdown-blakes-love-triangle-64831761"}