Dapper Dan helps Michael and Keke up their fashion game

The style influencer takes the hosts and audience through the latest and hottest fashion trends.
2:57 | 07/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dapper Dan helps Michael and Keke up their fashion game
literally. You know, I was talking to your wife earlier who is sitting out there. She told me you've been married for 50 years. She's beautiful. She said you tried to give her tips on her fashion. Oh, yeah, I try to give her tips on her fashion. She got to represent now if she's going to be with me. Exactly so we got to ask you for some fashion tips. We want to get your opinion. Okay. Okay. Now, what is this trend here and what do you call it? How do we feel about it? A high waisted skirt. Right. A high waisted skirt. I feel like a woman every year especially if you got to add certain items to your wardrobe to give yourself a different silhouette and look and this is perfect for that, you know, to keep you in style. Keep you youthful looking, yes. Okay. Okay. So now we got -- it's like a long belted situation skirt. And this is perfect because it gives you that sashaying going down the street. I like a good sashay. Feel like you're a model or something. And it takes away from anything else that's going on so everybody would look down. This is sensational. This really makes good sense. The credit you give -- you, men, women, it doesn't matter. You can style anybody. And we got one last one here. Ooh. I love the color of those pants. I love that. Don't you love that? Yes. I like this. This takes you back to the hip-hop -- the early rock 'N' roll days and stuff. So something like this here is -- you flip back. Got that real flavor to it. Yes, I love that. Oh, we got one more. Wow. Bell bottoms. She's got an attitude. She got an attitude with that picture, though. Yes. This is like one of the favorites that's going on now. You don't see the shoes so you got to kick out sometime. You know, bell bottoms are so popular when I was in grade school and then they went away and now I feel like they're kind of make agent comeback. Some stuff ain't coming back, though. Bell bottoms did but some stuff is not coming back. Like what ain't coming back. Just like -- I don't know. Certain stuff for me ain't coming back. Those short shorts aren't coming back. The high water pants. They came back. They came back. They real hot now. Yeah, they real hot. Thank you. Thank you. Everything comes back. I came back. And just curious. Looks like she got some exaggerated sleeves on that. The puffy sleeves. I love that. These are what I call the liberating sleeves because this is what I did back in the day that Beyonce wore that is so hot right now, the really blousson loose sleeves that kick around. Yeah. This is statement stuff right here. Statement, that's right. This 12 statement stuff right

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"The style influencer takes the hosts and audience through the latest and hottest fashion trends.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64275278","title":"Dapper Dan helps Michael and Keke up their fashion game","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/dapper-dan-helps-michael-keke-fashion-game-64275278"}