Houston spotlight: 'WHAM' food pantry

Michael and Sara meet the folks at the West Houston Assistance Ministries who are helping the underserved in the community.
4:16 | 05/24/19

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Transcript for Houston spotlight: 'WHAM' food pantry
And today, we're celebrating my hometown -- Houston, Texas! And when we heard about W.H.A.M, which is western Houston assistance ministry, and their food pantry that serves the underserved. We got our friends at our sister station in Houston the help us. Erica Simon and Steven Romo are at W.H.A.M. Right now. Hi, Erica, Steven, how is it going over there? Hey, guys. Hey, guys. Things are great downtown in Houston. A little bit of humid as Michael you well know how it gets down here. We're excited to show off some hometown heroes. Absolutely. Michael, as you know, Harvey completely wrecked this place, we're talking about 50-plus inches in some spots. These two were on front lines helping people not only then but continuously after that. We're so excited that they can share a little bit more about what they do. We're happy they're there helping. How is W.H.A.M. Making a difference in the Houston area? You know, we have been around for 35 years and we help the poor, those in crisis, those who are homeless and they come to us and we do all we can to help them. We give them food, clothing, financial help. Every day in this food pantry, we help up to a hundred families. In the last year, we helped nearly 50,000 people and our heart is when they come to us, we do all we can to help them. That's amazing, mark. This next question is for verita. Verita, why do you love what you do at W.H.A.M.? Well, I started volunteering at W.H.A.M. In 2013 and in 2014, I took over the pantry. It just fills my heart when our families come in here and they're able to do a client choice shopping. They're able to push a shopping cart through the pantry and choose the items that they can feed their families. It touches so much and we're able to do this with our volunteers, just wonderful volunteers that come out every day and give their service. And we're so fortunate to have people with such big hearts. Mark, I got one quick question for you -- what is that accent you have there? That's Australian, sir. That's Australian. He's aussie. I was going to say, I have never heard that Texas accent. You guys spent so much time helping others and feeding others, Steven and Erica, you can attest to that, because you're there, witnessing it firsthand. We wanted to be the ones who take care of you today. We're going to buy lunch for you and your entire team at W.H.A.M. We have enough sandwiches and food for everyone who comes into the pantry today. Yes. So, Steven and Erica, can you help us pass out the lunch to everybody there? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, guys. Lunch is on "Strahan & Sara" today. Food for everybody! Sandwiches. I love this. You name it, guys. It's really amazing, though, when people just give their life of service to other people and it's very unselfish and selfless and it's just amazing to me and see them do it for so many people in need. Especially all the tragedy that happened down there not too long ago. It warms my heart. Of course it's my hometown. Just to see it around the country and around the world. Verita said she feeds off of giving to other people. A huge thank you to mark and verita. Steven and Erica, thank you for all you guys do. Such important work. When we come back -- Thank you very much. You're welcome.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Michael and Sara meet the folks at the West Houston Assistance Ministries who are helping the underserved in the community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63261213","title":"Houston spotlight: 'WHAM' food pantry","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/houston-spotlight-wham-food-pantry-63261213"}