Maya Feller's amazing meal makeover

Maya is helping an audience member change her bad eating habits with nutritious food options.
4:27 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for Maya Feller's amazing meal makeover
nutritious foods because we all get into bad eating habits when we have the same schedule day in and day out. Most of the time grabbing what's easiest. That's right. That can not only be boring but it may not be the best things for our bodies so we brought in our nutritionist Maya feller to give our viewer Natasha a meal makeover. Hi guys. As we know, we all have busy schedules. Your schedule is so busy, your daughter Sydney is actually here and she said she was going to make sure she was on the stage today. Mom first. Natasha is a Virgo, I'm a Virgo, her daughter is a Virgo so we have our moments. We have Maya here and I want you to show her what you're eating in the morning and she's going to show us what you should be eating. Your schedule must be crazy. What are you eating in the morning? I'm super busy. On top of being a mom, my husband works at night. I just granted P.A. School. I do event planning at night. Morning is usually a banana or hopefully a power bar when I'm trying to balance it out. Maya, what should she be eating? So here we have a gorgeous spread of what you should be having. This is gorgeous. It is gorgeous. Like all of us, gorgeous. Okay, over here you had something that was okay but it wasn't well balanced. I'm giving you here a balance of protein, fats, carbohydrates coming from minimally processed sources. This is the makings for a quick breakfast, three to five minutes, oats with nuts and fruits. Five to seven minutes, avocado toast with egg on swap. If you don't want egg, swap it for hummus. If you have time you can make a smoothie for two days. This smoothie was hemp protein powder, monk fruit for sweetness, real fruit, a little avocado for fat and some fiber in your vegetables. All right. That's pretty good. I love it. Now, next we have lunch. Natasha, what are you eating really for lunch? Lunch is always in between meetings or if I'm at work in between cases so typically a wawa sandwich quick or a wawa quick salad. I'm used to this lunch right here. Exactly. What should she and could she be eating? This is not horrible but this is a significantly better choice. I have to say this is my favorite. It is a bell pepper with the chicken salad inside. How excited are you going to be for lunch when you're waiting for this to happen. You have this and you pair it with the fruit on the side. You're getting protein, fat, carbohydrates, eating with your eyes as well as your belly. It has to look good in order for me to munch down. Absolutely. Then here's another option which is a tuna salad in a lettuce wrap. You'll notice that I swapped the bread out for the lettuce so it's a little lower in carbohydrate if you want to go in that direction. Here, we have 100% torn tortilla which I personally love. It's like a redo. You have beans, vegetables, salsa and you'll see a portion of brown rice in there. And this is a loaded sandwich so you can get in there. It's a little more elevated than that one. If you want to get fancy, you can smash some beans in there with your cheese, sprouts, tomato and lettuce. It looks easy to make is what I like about it. It's a little preplanning. And it's so pretty. Look at these colors. I love that you pointed that out. Planning is so important. The same way that you put all that effort into P.A. School, you have to put effort into your nutrition. You must plan. I always say plan, plan, and plan a little more. Now let's get to dinner. The night's come to an end. Sometimes you're too tired to really make anything. What do you eat? In our house, chicken almost every day. Chicken, brown rice and broccoli. This is what we eat almost every day. To me this looks like the healthy version. It's not terrible. Here's the thing though. It's a bit boring, you know what I'm saying? I want to elevate what you're having. Listen, I say you got to respect the vegetable. We will marinate a piece of chicken or a piece of steak but you can marinate your vegetables. Look at the color. A Maya makeover. So I want you to vary between chicken and fish and play with those marinades. When you're marinating your protein you're going to elevate the flavor and it's going to be so exciting on your plate. Yes, all of this looks fabulous. It does. Natasha, I guess you better get to the meal prepping. Maya, thank you so much for helping us see what we could be eating and should be eating. This is a lot of great information, Natasha but we want to help you continue your meal makeover so we're giving you six months of

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Maya is helping an audience member change her bad eating habits with nutritious food options.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64418878","title":"Maya Feller's amazing meal makeover","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/maya-fellers-amazing-meal-makeover-64418878"}