Take our Prom 101 quiz

From "Carrie" to "Footloose," Michael and Sara test their audience's knowledge of all famous moments in prom pop culture.
5:53 | 05/23/19

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Transcript for Take our Prom 101 quiz
So today we're testing our audience's knowledge. With the gain we call prom of one I don't know Juan. If you can't write you get a 52 dance with only problem here prior image meant or. It didn't take a bad picture Kurt had a. Crews say the man on the dig out here yes so are you guys ready until we're ready I'm gonna bring up the good tenth pick a contestant number one please. Step up to today. What did data were you drunk. I'm Jenny can't run that's. Milk rich celebrities prom photo is this. View this screen. That is not prompt and accurate count. Boone. A few months we'll do start putting on the bed from. Right. Listing Italy Delhi. Courtney Cox could peacock okay. Come on course I should put an arm out. They go completely reflected little chance. A we really mean. We did I hear back. We did I hear back come on up young lady. Yeah. My name Catholic mass from from in the city Missouri and I actually determined prom couple weeks ago for. What I hear there is an expert. OK go with the question they're ready which celebrity is that prom in this vote. It's generation only totally knowing. I just. We've got out. Really cool down. Is. Did not welcome would be here we need to hear. I've come I got my man. And what you drive. Instead Jeffrey M from Atlanta Georgia right. They already here. Question what in 197 he's president allowed his daughter to have her prom in the White House. I just did just didn't deputies. Get them public give you regular clip of him. It was Gerald Ford come very here. Come on in here. I don't know I'm Cathy Lowe every go how are you buy beer. You know what's your name where you front I'm Lisa and her from Littleton Massachusetts and film had a prom scene in which Sissy Spacek got. Pig blood poured on her I notice it's carried. I want to dad when you. Prohibited figured I've never I never would have prompting thank you very much. Ball. What are you doing man what today we got Ron Brown wrecked pierce from Montana. Okay. Loose didn't they can get can dance at their problem. Of course it is. Everybody did. He went straight day awaiting their baby and every proud man. I am idyllic today where you rob I'm Nina from the burden down but did you know. Cooling down after that breath thinking. Well the O'Donnell was a prom queen truthful. Feature. Who bright. I want that they're kind of game. Campaign. Even he healed. They did feel free L debut. Good luck they're.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"From \"Carrie\" to \"Footloose,\" Michael and Sara test their audience's knowledge of all famous moments in prom pop culture. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63233783","title":"Take our Prom 101 quiz","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/promo-101-quiz-prom-63233783"}