Summer vacations that won't break the bank

TripSavvy travel expert Molly Fergus has some overlooked vacation destinations and a big surprise for an audience member.
5:06 | 06/27/19

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Transcript for Summer vacations that won't break the bank
stopped by last week with secret summer hot spots that need to top your vacation wish list, and there's also a huge audience surprise. Take a look. We're joined by travel expert Molly Fergus of trip savvy to reveal the three secret summer hot spots that need to trend to the top of your summer vacation list and before this segment ends one lucky audience member will be packing their bags for the ultimate getaway. Somebody is taking a trip. We want to find out what's a good option for someone looking for a getaway for a long weekend or something like that. Underrated options for some of the favorite places that you've been. This first one, what does it look like? We have Austin, Texas on the suitcase, right? Yes. What do you think would be a great option for Austin? If you don't go to Austin, maybe you could go to Florida. Okay, don't boo me. What about New Orleans? Yeah. New Orleans. That's a good option. What do you think? Memphis. It's Memphis. What makes Memphis a place that can substitute for Austin? Something like $13 million has gone into revitalizing downtown. Wow. $13 billion. Really, really amazing culture and then of course it's the bicentennial this year so the city is celebrating 200 years of being Memphis so all year long -- Exactly, yes. What about if somebody wants to go abroad without breaking So we'd all like to go to Paris. I know I do. Oui, oui. Bonjour. If you couldn't do that, we have some great options, affordable options. If you don't go to Paris, where can you go? Vegas. Vegas? Are we serving alcohol here today? Something's going on. Okay, if you can't go to Paris, Molly, where can you go? Montreal. What is it about Montreal that reminds everybody about the city of love? It's French speaking. It's French speaking and the old town in Montreal is gorgeous. There's cobblestones, an old town culture. There's a ton of restaurants, the most restaurants in north America, second to New York. So a ton of amazing food scenes. I did not know that. And they eat their French fries with mayonnaise. That is the best way. And it's a really great value as well. For the Americans, the exchange rate is super favorable right now so you can get a great deal. I need to go to Montreal. That's a great one. A lot of us when we go on vacation, we like to sip a little vino. Who likes a little wine? I like a little wine. What if you want to sip a little wine but you don't want the crowds that go to napa. Where can you go instead of napa? What do you say? Instead of napa we can go to your living room. That's what I say. A cellar full of wine. Drink it up. Drink it up. All of y'all are invited too. All right, instead of napa where can you go? This is pretty hard for me to figure out. Mexico. No one thinks of wine when they think of Mexico but the vine in Guadeloupe is in baja, California, 90 miles from San Diego and it is one of the fastest growing wine regions in the world and one of my favorite places on the planet. It's gorgeous. You feel like you've sort of discovered something and you want to get there before that feeling goes away. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Why just talk about the vineyards of Mexico when you can actually send someone there, okay? We're setting up one lucky audience member and a guest with a luxury three-day, two-night stay in baja wine country where they will be treated to private transportation, two wine tastings a day. Get into it. And all breakfast and lunches included. Let's push this button and see who won the lottery. Check your numbers, you guys, because we about to go. 35. 35. Yeah! Yeah! Come on up. Congratulations. Congratulations. You are going to wine country. You are going to wine country. I got to tell you right now, there was only one person more excited than you and that is your husband. He's like, yeah, wine country! Congratulations. What's your name? Marissa. Marissa, enjoy your trip, okay? Thank you. You and that hubby of yours. Big thanks to Molly Fergus for those tips.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"TripSavvy travel expert Molly Fergus has some overlooked vacation destinations and a big surprise for an audience member.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63991552","title":"Summer vacations that won't break the bank","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/summer-vacations-break-bank-63991552"}