Teach your dog these cool tricks

Dog trainer Chris Perondi and his dog Vinny show the crew some of their signature tricks.
5:21 | 06/11/19

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Transcript for Teach your dog these cool tricks
the answer is absolutely. He's the top stunt trainer. He's author of the big book of tricks for the best dog ever. Please welcome Chris perondi. Thank you. And I hear we have a very special guest star. We do. We have big star for us, a rescue dog all of the way from Minnesota. Please welcome Vinny Valentino! Hey, hey. Oh, oh! That's my boy. That's my boy. Tell you what right now, that's what you call energy! That's a lot of energy. Oh, yeah. Yeah, man. Yeah. I love it. I love it. We're all dog lovers. I have a dog, he knows one or two tricks. What are the three most important things to teach your dogs when it comes to tricks. The first thing you need to have with your dog have good patience with your dogs. Good sit. Good lay down. You want to start with obedience. The next thing is, you got to find out what motivates your dog. Food. Food. Because I'm motivated by the same things. And we also use toys, treats and a lot of love and affection goes a long way. And we use luring. We'll take a treat or a toy, and we'll lure them into are a position. I'd use luring. Can you wave? Yes, very good, boy. Timing the reward is also the third thing, which is superimportant. The faster you reward your dog the quicker they'll learn. Now, I hear that Vinny is a performer and he can do some really good tricks. He can do cool tricks. He's one of my all-stars. We tour all over the united States performing really fun things. Circle. Circle. That's pretty good. Nice. Turn back. Back. Yes, take a bow. Nice. How about some hoops? Hoop. Hoops. Hoops. Hoops. Dance, dance. Yes. Dance. Yeah. Nice job, Vinny. Wow. Wow. That's it, buddy. That was good stuff. Good stuff. Can we do some tricks with him? Yes, absolutely. Maybe show a couple of tricks that we go over from our book. The one is figure eight. Help me out with that. We have a treat in each hand at first. So what we're going to do, you're going to face that way. I'm going to have Vinny right in front of you. I know you're excited. You're going to open up a little bit. Vinny, through your legs. You're going to lure him. This is what we're trying to get. Okay. We'll have him do it for you. Vinny sit. Follow that. Bring him around. Bring him around. Show him the other treat. Show him the other treat. Vinny. He's a little harder than a basketball. Try again. Try again. Vinny I'm learning better. Come here. Watch the treats. Come here. Vinny, Vinny, Vinny. You're giving him the treat before -- All the way around. All the way around. There you go. And back around. Follow it around. That's it. Hey, Chris, I got to say, it looks a little different when you do it, just sayin'. I think you're up next. Come here. Michael. I got a fun trick to do with you. It's called the sit pretty on the back. Okay, so, I need you to get down real low for us. You picked the tallest one among us. I know. That will work. That will work. Scoot forward just a little. Lower. Can I do it, too? Michael, lower. Sit, sit. Sit, through you go. Vinny, Vinny. Stay, stay, stay. Vinny, stay. Very good boy. Don't be shy. Don't be shy. Okay, Vinny. Come on. Next time you should warn me he's getting on my back. He was excited, man, he was ready. That was good. That was good. That was fun. And we also have a couple of more advanced tricks. One of them does involve a jump rope. I was hoping keke can help me out with this one. Vinny's a jump roping dog. He can jump rope. Just follow my lead as he tries to jump. Everybody, ready? Jump. Jump. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"Dog trainer Chris Perondi and his dog Vinny show the crew some of their signature tricks. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63635264","title":"Teach your dog these cool tricks","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/teach-dog-cool-tricks-63635264"}