Drag queen Sasha Velour gets ready for Pride

'RuPaul's Drag Race' winner Sasha Velour serves beauty and brains as she gets ready for Pride.
5:26 | 06/27/19

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Transcript for Drag queen Sasha Velour gets ready for Pride
And when you UK. Once you start doing. Along. Hey come on and you just come in the middle of preparing for opening day. Myself and downs which is going to be on there. Private. Who in subsequent to an event such civil war planners. None root balls dragons is awesome little. It appeared glum conference literally. Changed my life I was confident little. Green sort of beginning of that grade now they'll like it. I want people got hurt. Its name it is the opening night. Which is called a drag show. Five dragged for farmers or drag performers. That big accomplishment for and we're so proud and so excited to share with you more fabulous it's about. The whole group of people getting booked and a way. Let me frowning faces to make sure it still looks good. The thing that drive is something that only game and do dressing line. Maybe a caricature of a woman a lot but maybe but men don't even relate to people have always. Messing with gender as soon as there were close people were breaking the rules. There is an opponent guy so much as opposed to some of the older words like. Female impersonation. And that or illusion is I'm willing trying to look line. A woman for me this is about. Fantasy and idea's of gender that are open to any. I love the adult sentence life for lots of I think what hinting that faith. During Korea and Paris is burning like explaining the meaning of everyday wow. Fine for me down in her mere. Meeting. It is the real. Art form and so the queen's makeup table as a powerful states to hold. He historian part of my character was. More of accident really mean it reflects my parents. And I doubted the story in my mom was scholarly editors being the kind of clean. News. Teaching the young generation about. About the history. Is. Clean them. And that's me. Right at the time. But I started dragon really one of the reasons that became so important to me was not my mom's going through cancer treatments she lost her hair and have to do her own wrestling. A summit in person in the world. How comfortable it's it's not fair so she just the fault the world's no eyebrows ball looking fabulous in it and comfortable. When my mom passed away dragged him away I know getting tough with her. And like worried about. To begin history rodeo career particularly. That these monsters like his like I forgot that people aren't. So or. Nothing team and there. We're already five trans women murders. And drive comes from community. That's why we call ourselves kings and queens I plea. Because we. We need to be treated. Mike humans. And at times like royalty outside of arsonists. And the most homophobia voices. Are afraid. Gender fluidity because they're scared of wedeman. I'm not scared of one. Nothing like any which way needs from identity thing. It's possible. A let the lipstick that they're afraid of wearing and feel beautiful. Hundreds of it of their life changing there. She's not there and snow event when it left sparks from. Please. It's gonna take my drugs and it changed. And we'll be right back who quote. Seen if you. This isn't. Just a simple little blah perfect for. Heading over to begin in my left is that.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"'RuPaul's Drag Race' winner Sasha Velour serves beauty and brains as she gets ready for Pride. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63972598","title":"Drag queen Sasha Velour gets ready for Pride ","url":"/GMA/Style/video/drag-queen-sasha-velour-ready-pride-63972598"}