Expert tips to add sparkle and glow to your look this holiday

“GMA” sponsor Mary Kay has ideas to enhance your look
2:28 | 11/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Expert tips to add sparkle and glow to your look this holiday
Reporter: The holiday season is here and whether you're planning a family zoom call or an intimate ion gathering our sponsored Mary Kay says it's time to give it a festive and glamorous glow. Here to guide us through it all, Mary Kay's spokesperson and global beauty ambassador Luis cacco. I'm so excited to show you a holiday makeup look all about radiant skin and pop of color on the eye. He shows us how to achieve it in three steps. Doubling as our model today is cali, a Mary Kay independent salesperson. Prepare your canvas. Step one, you want the makeup look to start with beautiful skin so begin prepping your canvas with the new Mary Kay timewise replenishing serum C plus E. It has a powerful combination of antioxidant, vitamin C and E and the pairing of these two help deliver skin that is firmer, brighter and glowing with good health. Yes. You're feeling it. Yes. Next up, highlighting. Now, for step two you want to apply your foundation, concealer and enhance that glow and highlighter is kye. It gives you that extra, extra sheen. I call it the holiday glow. And for the final touch, focus on the feature that you've got to pop. Right above the mask. After the skin looks flawless and glowing, apply a rich emerald eye. Now, this is the hottest color of the season. I like to apply it right over that eyeliner. Now you can do it on the lid and lower lash line. Here you have it. A perfect holiday glam glowing look. Created just for you. Ooh. Thanks to our sponsor Mary Kay for those great tip force a glamorous holiday look. Now back to the always glamorous, glowing and radiant Eva pilgrim. Can't top goofy with that. Now I have to be nice to you because you were nice to me. I wonder if they have a beard shaper. Beard glow. Yes. Man who needs no beauty enhancements at all. That's a good one. Just for men. [ Laughter Oh, goodness.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"“GMA” sponsor Mary Kay has ideas to enhance your look","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74427636","title":"Expert tips to add sparkle and glow to your look this holiday","url":"/GMA/Style/video/expert-tips-add-sparkle-glow-holiday-74427636"}