How to find the perfect dress for any and every type of wedding

"GMA" style contributor Jessica Mulroney shares five wedding looks for everything from a black tie to a City Hall ceremony.
6:20 | 12/07/18

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Transcript for How to find the perfect dress for any and every type of wedding
You guys are super excited this Friday. And they're excited about this next segment coming we're calling it vow to wow. I'm here with "Gma" style contributor Jessica Mulroney. Good morning. Good morning. So good to see you again. She's going to show us how to walk down the aisle in style with the perfect bridal looks for every type of a wedding and we're going to do the commute, shall we? Walk down our own aisle. First one is classic black tie. Let me tell you, there is one absolute bridal truth and it is regardless of how you get married, there is a perfect dress out there for you and I'm going to show you a complete array. This is for the black-tie dress. Now, I long working with black-tie weddings. I love working with black-tie weddings because the dresses tend to be very dramatic. Sometimes the brides too. We won't talk about that. This one is a perfect bride. This is gorgeous. You are making an incredible entrance as you go down that aisle but it's not just about the front, it's also about the back so if I can turn her around. Wow. As you see this is a gorgeous illusion back with lots of embroidered details and once the ceremony is done we take off this skirt. Easy. And it turns into a fit and flair dress. Oh, that's beautiful. So she can enjoy dancing. Gorgeous. Isn't that gorgeous? I love the lace sparkle combo. If is you perfectly. You guys are a great audience with participation. We'll move over here. This way. Right over here is a familiar face. This is our producer. Good morning. How are you? You look absolutely stunning. Tell us about this one. I've seen flowers. Beach wedding. Destination weddings are supposed to be a lot of fun. If you choose the wrong guess it can be a disaster so this one checks all the boxes. Doesn't she look amazing, by the way? Stunning. I love using real brides because that's what we want to see. This dress is easy, it's comfortable. It's easy to pack. It's light, there's no boning, so no discomfort and there's this gorgeous slit in the front. Not only is it sexy but it makes it easier for you to walk on, you know, the sand or the beach. Barefoot if you wanted to on this? Exactly. Budget friendly. Budget friendly. Even better. Yes, the dress is $219. From And if you feel like running into the ocean at the end of this, you can do that. It doesn't matter because it's $219. Another "Gma" producer. So many "Gma" weddings coming up. All real brides. We love real brides. You look stunning too. Okay, this is a jumpsuit. I like this. Very chic. A lot of brides are opting to get married in a more relaxed way. You know, whether they want to save their money to buy a house, perhaps they want to, you know, pay back their student loans, they just don't need to have that big, you know, expensive wedding. This is the perfect option. I absolutely love a jumpsuit. So this is great. It's elegant. It's easy to wear. It's a perfect one for a civil ceremony. At city hall, perfect. If you're having a luncheon which is a little more casual and this over top also comes off as well and it becomes a little bit of a day to night. Day to night. What do you think? It's so comfortable. I love it. Would you do a jumpsuit? No. I mean, it is a choice. But I do have to say this will be the only wedding outfit I will tell a bride she can wear again. All right. Options. All right. Let's commute over that way and head over here to -- look at this dress. You are a showstopper over here. This is our writer at "Gma." She normally wears to work so I feel like I've seen you in this in the control room. You look absolutely stunning. How do you feel. Beautiful. Tell us about this one. I have to say you look so stunning. This is for a religious sear upon so a lot of time brides want to be respectful to tradition but they also don't want to sacrifice style. That can be difficult for a religious ceremony. This is the perfect dress. It really combines modern and traditional. Beautiful ball gown, that classic cathedral veil so very traditional but gives the illusion that it's a strapless dress. You're kind of cheating the system because it's illusion all the way along the front, the back and the sleeves. It's so dramatic. You've making an entrance in this dress for sure. Do you think you're going traditional? Do you know yet. It will be traditional with a twist. Ooh. Isn't she lovely, though? Isn't she lovely? All making me want to cry a little bit. This is really lovely also. There's a sleigh behind you so I'm thinking winter wedding? This is a winter wedding so there's a lot of amazing reasons to get married in the winter, first of all event spaces are easier to book. There's no search pricing, I find that snow makes for very mow tan tick pictures, I do but the biggest reason is because you get to wear a sleeve on your dress which I love. Nice, nice. And this particular sleeve is very interesting. It's called a body veil. Let me see. When she walks down the aisle it kind of looks angelic. You don't have to wear your veil. Just some sleeves, when you're down you can do is take those sleeves off. Ooh, look at that. Oh, wow. It becomes a two in one. Two for one. It's a beautiful chic gown you can wear and feel comfortable to dance in. When you're done. What do you think? What's the verdict? Do you like it. It's an amazing dress. It looks gorgeous on you. You all look absolutely lovely. You guys, beautiful. Thank you, my friend. We'll get married again. Special thanks to Kleinfeld for these beautiful dresses and Sandra for the floral bouquets which are lovely and in the next few days we'll tell you how you can get your own dream destination wedding right here with Jess. Can't wait to share all those

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"\"GMA\" style contributor Jessica Mulroney shares five wedding looks for everything from a black tie to a City Hall ceremony. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59676460","title":"How to find the perfect dress for any and every type of wedding ","url":"/GMA/Style/video/find-perfect-dress-type-wedding-59676460"}