Inside the 2018 Met Gala

Hollywood A-listers and fashion world royalty convened in New York City last night for the annual Met Gala, donning some daring, Catholicism-inspired looks.
6:57 | 05/08/18

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Transcript for Inside the 2018 Met Gala
Because the met is also our "Gma" cover story. Some call it the super bowl of fashion. Celebrities, fashion designers more all colliding on the red carpet at the metropolitan museum and, Lara, you looked absolutely gorgeous on the red carpet. Thank you. Beautiful. Look at -- look at you. Well, I was trying to be with the theme and space angel. That's what you were going for. So -- Heavenly. As you said it is fashion's biggest night led by "Vogue" editor Anna wintour. Tickets for the gala go for an estimated $30,000 each. That's only if you make the cut and the fashion did not disappoint. On fashion's biggest night, the stars taking to the metropolitan museum of art's stairs serving up divine fashion inspiration. Is this theme not tailor made for you. I wanted to to come in on a cross. Reporter: This year's co-chair Rihanna dazzling in a papal inspired look. Blake lively as usual stunning in Versace. Oh, that's fine. And circle back. So it's sort of like a three-point turn. I walked around in my apartment and my apartment is not as big. Reporter: Sara Jessica parking working with a show stopping train. How long is the train? It's so long. I hope she takes it off. Reporter: A serious headpiece. I dare say heavenly. Thank you. Reporter: Crowns, a main trend of the night. This year's exhibit heavenly bodies: Fashion and the catholic imagination providing fashion inspiration that could only be described as heaven sent. The attendees all gathering to raise money for the metropolitan museum's costume institute. "Vogue's" Anna wintour controls who gets invited and that guest list did not disappoint. Ariana grande wearing a dress by Vera Wang and Michael Angela. I've seen the sistine chapel in person and it's so full of mystery. Reporter: Making a colorful political rainbow cape by Carolina he rather ra. I want to make a Reporter: Tracee Ellis Ross in stunning fuschia. The third Sunday of lent, the clergy wears pink for the coming joy. Reporter: Katy Perry in Versace and wings on the red carpet. And inside, showcased on vogue's Instagram account and the new costume exhibit. They were there to celebrate. ??? Reach out ??? Reporter: A-Rod with Jennifer Lopez in a stone-encrusted cross by balmain. It was nice but it did not look like this. Do you feel pressure to turn it up a move every year. I just have fun with it. I do love fashion. Reporter: Tom and Gisele. And George Clooney whose wife Amal served as co-chair of the event. How long did it take her to get dress? Like an hour. That's a lot. How about you? Like 15 minutes. Reporter: The night so high wattage from Tiffany haddish. Who do you are want to hook up with. I want to see anybody who want to see me. I want to hook up with anybody who make more money than me, better credit man me but if I'm just going to call out name, what up, Michael B. Jordan. To Ashley graham. Rihanna is right there and I'm right here. I'm freaking out. I'm never speechless and I'm speechless right now. Did you see that? She just -- she just told me I look good. Everybody was starstruck. I'm joined by "Vogue's" special accessories director ree Drummond and let's talk about the theme in general. I posted a picture of Rihanna and got mixed reactions and some offended by this theme of the evening. That wasn't meant to be at all. In fact, the catholic church supported it and sent artifacts to the museum. We had 40 pieces on loan from the Vatican that will never ever be seen by a lot of people. The curator did an amazing job and we always make an effort to open a conversation about what art mean, what fashion mean, and pick themes that mightable controversial but to treat them with imagination and thoughtfulness. And everybody went for it in varying degrees. We just saw a picture of Rihanna, talk about that look and your reaction when you saw it. She looks fantastic. Always one of my favorites. She was in margela couture and a papal tiara. Hard to miss. She had to go there for the theme. But it was a little tight. She wanted to make sure it stayed on and had a bit of a headache by the time I talked to her at dinner. Madonna, Madonna, Madonna. As I said in the piece I said to Madonna, this was tailor made for you. I felt like I was seeing vintage Madonna. Gauthier as dressed her and did the famous cone bra so he's come back to dress her again and she is iconic. People just scream, she came out for a surprise performance at the end. She was fabulous. Yes, I heard it went quite late and she was right in the center of it all. Also in the center was Katy Perry. Appeared and people just gasped. It was -- I thought it was the Victoria secret show for a second but and I did hear that the wings were not going to have to be -- she wasn't going to wear them through dinner. Once she came inside she had to take the wings off. Always amazing and always willing to go all the way there and got a couple of sketches from Donatella Versace in the beginning and said these are beautiful. Thank you so much. I need to go a little further. I need more. Had so much fun on the carpet and loves the event as does Sarah Jessica parker. Great to see her back at the event this year. The most elaborate dolce and gabbana along with Andy Cohen. They looked fantastic together. The headpiece. There was -- she is so Intel gent about fashion. Her headpiece was a neapolitan nativity ultra scene, the kind of relic people carry through the streets in southern Italy on holidays and Christian holidays and she just down to every single last detail. Perfect. She said it was heavy and Andy Cohen was worried about having to carry that 40 pounds train and trains and headpieces were quite prevalent throughout the night with everyone wondering how they would make it work but sure did and the evening went quite late and one to ten on the fashion scale. Ten. Always ten. At the met gala. Selby, thanks for the incite. From the met gala on our website a lot more. So definitely check that out.

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"Hollywood A-listers and fashion world royalty convened in New York City last night for the annual Met Gala, donning some daring, Catholicism-inspired looks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55009892","title":"Inside the 2018 Met Gala","url":"/GMA/Style/video/inside-2018-met-gala-55009892"}