LA Lakers star Anthony Davis gives back with eBay’s virtual holiday sneaker drop

EBay, a "Good Morning America" sponsor, is also donating exclusive sneakers to kids this season.
2:56 | 12/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LA Lakers star Anthony Davis gives back with eBay’s virtual holiday sneaker drop
We are back now on "Gma" talking sneakers. More than just function, they can be high fashion and this segment is sponsored by Ebay which has more than 500,000 sneaker listings on any given day. One top athlete gave us an up close look at his collection. Davis for three. Bang. Anthony Davis from downtown. Anthony Davis of the los Angeles Lakers is a reigning NBA The Lakers conquer the bubble and banner number 17 will soon hang in the rafters. I've always wanted to win an NBA championship. Something you dream -- it's like, you know, as a kid, you dream of something and then you finally get it. Reporter: Also a self-proclaimed sneakerhead. People love shoes. Shoes make you feel good. You look good. You play good. For me. Reporter: His footwear is now considered high fashion and a hot commodity. Different style, different pattern, more people are starting to draw attention to it. Reporter: Davis giving "Gma" a peek at his massive and prized shoe collection. I love shoes so my sneaker collection is probably up there with some of the best of them. Reporter: And showing off his favorite pair. So this pair is the kobe grinches. I'll wear them on Christmas day. Reporter: Starting today the spokesperson teams up with our sponsor Ebay for a big online holiday drop not to be missed. We are actually putting all the hard to get sneakers on Ebay and you can enter the contest. Either open your camera and going to be a virtual sneaker box and you get five chances a day for three days to win an exclusive pair of sneakers. Reporter: As part of that drop Ebay is also donating exclusive collectible sneakers to kids. You know, I'm also excited to say we're teaming with soles for souls to give 40,000 pair of sneakers to kids, you know, especially in my hometown, Chicago, and actually here in L.A. Where I'm playing now, all the kids who get new pair of sneakers say they feel good, they feel great. It helps them in sports, they feel confident. An important tip for budding collectors, make sure your kicks are authentic. Never want to be a sneakerhead and get a fake pair of shoes so Ebay also making sure that the shoes are authenticated before they get to you. Which is huge for sneakerheads. There's a lot going on, as well. For one I love helping kids and, two, I love sneakers. It goes hand in hand. I could use myself some authentically waterproof and insulated sneakers. Thanks to our sponsor Ebay for that program, the virtual drop starts at noon eastern. Join on their website through Christmas eve. And on Christmas day, turn to ESPN and ABC for five NBA games starting at noon eastern time.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"EBay, a \"Good Morning America\" sponsor, is also donating exclusive sneakers to kids this season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74857022","title":"LA Lakers star Anthony Davis gives back with eBay’s virtual holiday sneaker drop","url":"/GMA/Style/video/la-lakers-star-anthony-davis-back-ebays-virtual-74857022"}