Meet the designer behind Diana, Kate and Meghan's most coveted looks

British designer Amanda Wakeley has created pieces donned by generations of the royal family.
3:44 | 05/16/18

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Transcript for Meet the designer behind Diana, Kate and Meghan's most coveted looks
Of course, so many are wondering what Meghan Markle will wear when she goes down the aisle. This morning we're meeting a fashion designer who has dressed princess Diana. She's dressed Kate Middleton and Meghan so Paula Faris sat down with her and so we go across the pond again. Hey there, Paula. Across the pond. We're just going to stay across the pond. You can't wait till you join us but all of Britain including Amanda Wakely wants her to wear a British designer when she walks down the aisle at Windsor castle but Wakely was very close with princess Diana and has since found fashion favor with Meghan and Kate. One designer, three leading ladies. I have what I call this wardrobe -- She is the face behind the Royals' fashion favorites. Who do you think would look beautiful in this? I think -- you're trying to trick me. Reporter: Her royal flush started back in the '90s when princess Diana wore her skirt suit. When she first emerged with that skirt suit when she was anng her ret what did that do to your business? I had no idea we would be wearing that for that occasion. What was your reaction? It was, oh, my god. Reporter: Her designs soon becoming a staple in princess Diana's wardrobe and coveted by women across the globe. And there are new members of the royal family and now a soon-to-be royal also stepping out in Wakeley royal designs as she attended her first official event alongside the queen Meghan Markle wearing this Amanda Wakeley creamed tailoring coat and underthat an Amanda Wakeley midnight blue dress. I think she looks amazing in everything. Obviously. Reporter: From the Kate Middleton effect to the Markle sparkle, the Royals' influence on fashion it's felt around the world. Many Markle's coveted fashion alone is expected to pump nearly $210 million into the British economy and Kate's fashion icon status contributing an estimated 205 million to the economy in 2015. What can you say about the Markle effect on fashion? Meghan Markle already is the most wonderful ambassador for fashion. It all started with princess Diana but to now be providing designs for her daughters-in-law it's come full circle for you. Yes, that feels really, really wonderful and it just breaks my heart that she's not here to see it all because she'd be loving it. Everything that Meghan touches in the fashion world turns to gold. Now, robin, we showed you that beautiful ivory coat that Meghan wore. I'm wearing the same version in black. It is the cromby coat and this is the closest I'll get to acting like a royal but I'll take it. Robin. One question, do you have to give it all back or do you keep it? Get to keep it? Yep, I got to give it all back in like five minutes. Sorry. Don't look behind the curtain. All right, Paula. Thank you. Good to see you, Paula. The glamorous life. Yes, and we'll have full coverage of the royal wedding, Michael and I will be live from Windsor, you're heading out after the show today. I'll join you there on Friday and then David Muir and I will be anchoring live coverage of the royal wedding Saturday, set your alarm, 5:00 A.M. Eastern time right here on ABC. It's exciting. I know. It's going to be great to be there. Did you pick out anything. A few little things. I hope I see a fascinator. And I have to give it back too.

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{"id":55201816,"title":"Meet the designer behind Diana, Kate and Meghan's most coveted looks","duration":"3:44","description":"British designer Amanda Wakeley has created pieces donned by generations of the royal family.","url":"/GMA/Style/video/meet-designer-diana-kate-meghans-coveted-55201816","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}