Shop these trendy summer outfits to beat the heat

Lori Bergamotto of Good Housekeeping shares her top tips and picks for outfits to keep you looking hot while staying cool all summer long.
4:03 | 07/12/19

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Transcript for Shop these trendy summer outfits to beat the heat
You know we have temperatures rising it from. Muggy and sticky here is so we are ways to beat the heat stay cool with fashion and good housekeeping style director Lloyd Burton a motto is here with that thank you as always thank you. And a perfect day to talk about this but what's most important thing to keep in mind when you're dressing for summer. So how not to sweat to death when you're gasping yes the answer that she thinks it. And fabric really show you some heat and really affordable. Ideas on how to do it tonight our apartment we have four models you're right and so we're gonna start with our first one we have Christen so you're trying to get something casual at the barbecue. This is a good look this isn't new rate lap and you and I think sometimes people think I want to airlines and and there are a lot of snow want to show let's get this is the perfect example. So Chris distancing from Easton and its 499 now look at just sit well. Let me is here is it seeking a second really yeah Hank. He needed to another if nothing better not need to act in a pool sweat. But the straps on her top here at their adjustable she can tie nice isn't wears mean really big yeah is constricting more outings falling off exactly have to create sweats and we want you have some control so look for things that are non clinging. You have some control we love this it's beautiful for the barbecue but what you have to go running off this time. Our I he had chased. That's how we are great because you don't wanna sweat in the office you also need to be sort of covered up to me Monday just. This accident matching set it looks like contrast from what we are for target. It's totaled 55 dollar now it's me basket me what that's what it looked like linen I would so you about leaning is at its moisture McCain. So basically all it means is that when you sweat it takes the moisture evaporates and the pain free and it's mean it's been good feeling he. And because it's a basket he's winning it's a little stronger person won't wrinkle as quickly yes that's always been the complain about linen and frankly and a little nothing here makes it look like she has sleeves or shoulders are covered. But it's actually sleep snap them protect national an area I love it now it's beautiful I think you OK so a lot of letting. Ten the summertime and you got the east. Tell outdoor wedding so we've got our beautiful couple here gaps there's a return to writing and drenched in sweat right. So we spoke good housekeeping institute textiles by resigned as she does it you have to get something with me and tents now. And ten sound this is what this reformation dress from Nordstrom is me on ten towns fiber. That moisture which so a lot of your performance will be Tencent union bosses teeny I'll really. I'm betting sheets it's like that it's a moisture making fabric. And so if you are drafts but it feels nice in the cot meet that herb nice and light green the ball. But it looks really sheets we might have lacked for a summer learning exactly and and she's not an exciting because just in what it looks so comfortable that he could sleep and yeah. I think that the page and then we have to Johnny or imminent Airways pilot here. So did I mean it's shocking and even this you could like oh my god that's a good sweat machine right things you unit. And on this face of thing that don't pretty soon it's communal well I think Susan you play out any missed a 100% polyester and I know aggregate like a polyester it's not a bad word diet. In fact what you Wear for athletic where it's mostly made of polyester. Because it's moisture making its readable you didn't feel it feel how light this unit and enough heart is for the Ford need leads her. And for the camps last hundred dollars faxing back and look so good and by the way white sneakers with a black suit actually never thought that. We know tidy cats concern open their. And is also has a dry technologies some even if he does when a little that are still something I'm it dries almost instantly and if he is grew when he needs to runaway hit in. No I don't I brides driven man that. Aren't. I. The bad maintenance right right or D'Amato. How English and the outlook.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Lori Bergamotto of Good Housekeeping shares her top tips and picks for outfits to keep you looking hot while staying cool all summer long. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64287968","title":"Shop these trendy summer outfits to beat the heat ","url":"/GMA/Style/video/shop-trendy-summer-outfits-beat-heat-64287968"}