Sweat-proof summer beauty looks

Michelle Lee of Allure shares beauty tips and tricks to keep you looking fresh even as the temperatures keep rising.
3:28 | 07/12/19

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Transcript for Sweat-proof summer beauty looks
help you beat the heat all season long and all the products we're about to show you are available on our website. "Allure" editor Michelle Lee is here to show us how it's done. Good morning. Happy summer. You have everything from sweatproof to makeup with spf in it. We start with the face. You say you've got a must have for summer. We have a must have so I actually brought this on a beach vacation with me recently. These are the nude stick nudies and it is truly something multipurpose showing us how to use it as a highlighter but you can use it on your eye, cheeks, lips, anything. You're not even using a mirror. I love the brush on the back. We turn next over here. This is a first you say. An eye shadow that has spf in it. Yes. This is the new super goop eye shadows, the first ever spf 30 eye shadows. When we're doing sunscreen where do we forget to do? Our eyeleads. Sweep it across and get a nice shimmer of color plus uv protection. You don't think about it you're putting sun block on. You don't nsarily put it on your eyes. The other thing with eye makeup is you don't want it running down your face having raccoon eyes so two great products that are truly last all day. We've got this amazing color popeye liner which comes in a lot of different shades and also this -- one of my favorite mascaras waterproof from -- It will stay on through the grossest of gross weather. Even swimming. They're like, yeah. All right. Coming down here. This is a must for me. If you have big hair you have to rein it in the summer and that's hard. Have you tricks. We all love putting long hair up in the summertime so a really great trendy way to do that is to use hair clips so they're a huge trend and Sabrina is showing us a couple from the Kitch and Justine Marjan collection. You like it? It looks good. Really cute. You can kind of dress it down or up if you want. Okay, so let's talk lips. You're in the sun. We know it's important to keep our lips protected. We have to have spf in our lipwear. We all unfortunately have used that chalky white sunnen screen on our lips but cat is showing us from sun bum and these are tinted lip balms. Gorgeous color. Spf 15. That has spf 15 in it. And looks great. Looks great and you are wearing the color that I am obsessed with. I wear all weekend long in the summer. It's kind of this coral Orange color. Exactly. These are the matte lip colors and an exclusive shade that "Allure" created with them and we did a July collaboration. It is the perfect summery orangey red that looks great on everyone and lasts all day. People might think it's not universal but it is? We tried it on multiple people. Looked great on everyone. And looks great on you. Thank you so much. The latest issue of "Allure" is on newsstands right now. You can find these products on

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Michelle Lee of Allure shares beauty tips and tricks to keep you looking fresh even as the temperatures keep rising. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64287969","title":"Sweat-proof summer beauty looks ","url":"/GMA/Style/video/sweat-proof-summer-beauty-64287969"}