First look at the top trends of 2019

Style guru Jane Buckingham shares the biggest trends of the new year and what you should let go of from last year.
3:52 | 01/01/19

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Transcript for First look at the top trends of 2019
new year's day. We are on tape this morning so we can be with our families. We hope you're doing the same as well. Today though, it's out with the old and in with the new so we're looking for the top trends for 2019. Of course, we have expert, Jane Buckingham here with that. So nice to see you. Happy new year. You have been here many, many years. Let's start this new one right. Let's look at the wall of fashion, 2018. These are three of our incredible staff members. Let's talk about the trends from 2018. So the big color in 2018 was lavender, and, you know, sort of millennial pink, moved to lavender, and then fringe, an '80s thing. Bomber jackets are in the middle. Yes. Should we look at the trends for 2019? Let's bring them out. Let's bring the girls out. Looking gorgeous. Wow. Wow. Yeah. Nicole, I thought for sure because they said the color of the year was this hot coral, but you actually are wearing a color that I would wear all day long. You look spectacular. Doesn't she? It's sort of marigold and we'll see coral, but marigold and yellow, it's bright and fun and it feels good. People want to be happy this year. I love the idea of pairing this feminine dress with a little bit of toughness. Mixing it up, and those ugly sneakers are coming back ch. How dare you call them ugly? I wear them all the time. ? They are deliberately ugly. They come in every price point which is fabulous. Tory, you look beautiful. She is wearing feathers instead of fringe. It's lightening up and you will see this whole mood of people feeling better. You will see the fringe and feather. And Dani. I love this look. Blazers always look. Leopard blazers are back. It's a little more chic, trim and more professional. Not that bombers are going to go, but I think we'll see that cleaned up look coming baa. I love the shorter Jean with the high heel. That's a look. Those are three great ideas in fashion. Let's move on over here to food. Thank you, guys. You guys look great. You know, it was all about the keto diet in 2018, and people were putting butter in their coffee. Amy robach. If you were ready for butter, get ready for cheese. Cheese in your coffee. What do you guys think? Apparently it's delicious? Here's the thing. A year ago would you have said that you would have butter in your coffee? No, and I didn't. No, but this is about -- this is a scandinavian trend and it's called bread cheese. There is no bread in it, but it's hearty and you can let the coffee get soaked up in the cheese and then you take the cheese out. You're just getting the flavor. Would you like some? I think you should taste it for us, Jane. Fine. Wow. And she left the cheese in. It's pretty good. It's not bad. Give the bread cheese a try. Good for you. And the last thing over here we want to talk about quickly is of course, fitness. What about 2019? Staying home, but working out at home. They have the mirror which is a trainer talking to you. They have all these fitness apps. It's about customizing your routines that you can do in your house that are as effective as the gym. The peloton bike being one of them. Thank you, Jane. Fashion and food, maybe not the bread cheese, it's all on our

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Style guru Jane Buckingham shares the biggest trends of the new year and what you should let go of from last year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60104058","title":"First look at the top trends of 2019 ","url":"/GMA/Style/video/top-trends-2019-60104058"}