American tourists visit Croatia amid pandemic

Croatia is the only country in the European Union to allow American tourists to visit during the coronavirus pandemic.
4:08 | 07/28/20

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Transcript for American tourists visit Croatia amid pandemic
Now to the popular tourist attraction that is attracting some Americans seeking an escape amid the pandemic. Croatia bucking the eu travel ban allowing people from the U.S. To enter as long as they have a negative coronavirus test and some are taking advantage. Maggie Rulli made the trip. She's joining us now from Croatia and has much more. Reporter: Hey, robin. Good morning. Yeah, just take a look at this view. This is some aerial footage we got through the last few days. You can see why so many Americans want to make the trip to Croatia. Last year alone more than 600,000 made the trip but, robin, obviously this yea is not a normal year so while Americans are allowed getting here is going to take some extra effort and some extra risk. This morning, there's at least one place in the world welcoming Americans with open arms. The stunning ancient "Game of thrones" inspiring landscape of Croatia. Croatia or bust. Reporter: After the European union announced a ban on all travelers from the united States, Croatia broke ranks becoming the only country in the eu to allow American tourists. Erin Harrison jumped at the chance to travel abroad but the process isn't easy. To enter Croatia, you must have proof that you tested negative for covid-19 no more than 48 hours before entering the country. I just got back from having my test and got the antibody test so I'm double prepared. Reporter: And show where you're staying. We meet her as she crosses the border. Hello. It's so good to meet you. After all that work what was it like after you crossed the border and made it to Croatia? Nothing like it when you see the beautiful cliffs and you're landing and then you kind of get a little bit antsy in your stomach then it's all good and everything I did was worth it. Reporter: Flights into the Seaside tourist Mecca of dubrovnik up more than 300% in the last few weeks but medical experts caution even if borders are open, traveling still poses a danger. Bottom line is this might not be the year to take one of those long trips. It's better if you do a staycation or you go on a road trip with your family. Reporter: For Stacy and Darren, they say the risk is worth it. It was worth the risk for us. We're willing to take all of these precautions. Reporter: And tell us the next time they travel they'd bring the whole family. We didn't bring our kids this time but we normally do and we get to share that with them. We don't want that part to stop. Reporter: While some locals say they're worried about welcoming people from hot spots like the U.S., a local expert tells us she believes no tourist has brought the virus to dubrovnik so far. It has about 800 cases and fewer than 20 in dubrovnik. For many who work in the industry here, they say whatever the risk, the economic upside is worth it. They're always good spenders. They always like Americans. Reporter: The number of Americans visiting Croatia continues to increase year after year. Last year a direct flight between the two countries started and this came to a near standstill. They hope by opening up borders they could save their tourism industry this summer, robin. Maggie, it does look absolutely stunning, beautiful. What is it like for you being on the ground there? We know the travel restrictions. It wasn't easy to get there. What more are you hearing from the Americans who have made the trip there too? Yeah, well, robin, nearly every American says the same thing, the trip, the effort, it was all worth the risk but also stress they took all of the precautions necessary. Not only to make sure they don't catch the virus but to make sure they don't spread it once they come here. Robin, though, I have to say being here in Croatia is also a little nerve-racking to be somewhere that is so open to so many tourists from around the world. It's sort of become a test case and now we're just waiting to see what happens. Robin. It is on my list to travel to. I'm not sure what I'll be able to check it off the list. Thank you. Be well. Thanks, robin. Coming up, you got it, later, another kind of getaway

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"Croatia is the only country in the European Union to allow American tourists to visit during the coronavirus pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72025247","title":"American tourists visit Croatia amid pandemic","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/american-tourists-visit-croatia-amid-pandemic-72025247"}