Extraordinary Earth: Ways to protect the environment from home

A "GMA" visit to Victoria Falls opened up a conversation about climate whiplash, as extreme weather has occurred across the country.
3:51 | 02/20/20

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Transcript for Extraordinary Earth: Ways to protect the environment from home
We have time now for our extraordinary Earth series. Ginger, I hope you were with us yesterday. Ginger took us to Victoria falls in Africa. It was absolutely spectacular. It did show us the effects of climate whiplash and extreme weather is occurring back at how you can make small changes to your habits that can make big differences and Becky Worley will share that with us. Good morning, Becky. Reporter: Good morning, robin. I'm at a car wash which is a counterintuitive way to save water. We'll get to that in a sick. We think of water as an unlimited resource but as ginger tells us, climate whiplash has dry seasons lasting longer, water shortages coming to parts of the world. Parts of this country that have never had to deal with it before. That means water bills are going up and water utilities are offering incentives to save. It's a way to do good for the planet while also doing right by your budget. Conditions here are quite dangerous. Reporter: This whole entire hillside on fire. Reporter: California is now back in a drought. Reporter: The headlines are scary. Here in California we're on the front lines of weather whiplash and water shortages have been a major issue. But the reality in our everyday lives is more mundane. Out west we've been dealing with this stuff for awhile and we've realized that some small home hacks can really help. One example your lawn. First let's talk about your lawn. Can you water it less? Well, here's how you find out. If you step on it and it springs right back up, you don't need to turn on the sprinklers. An even bigger move go brown. Give up your lawn and plant drought resistant plants or even put in turf. Our water utility offers incentives. You can get up to $2,000 back on landscaping costs. I have this one hedge that needs water. So the solution, a rain barrel. Another easy way to save water, fix leaks. The average leak can account for 10,000 gallons of water lost a year. Multiply it out, it is a big deal. Some estimate as much as a trillion gallons nationwide. Something as simple as replacing the o-rings in your hose can save hundreds of gallons a year and while we're here with the hose, when it comes to cleaning up outdoor, sweeping can way better than hosing. Finally, homes with new low flow toil les are projected to save up to 9,000 gallons of water a year. But the old brick in the tank trick is a great start with older models that won't be replaced. Think of it this way, over the course of a year, one brick will conserve about 380 gallons of water. Now, another hack is to get your car washed at a professional place like this. At home the hose uses ten gallons a minute. So a professional car wash like the Katie car wash in Albany, California, using about a third of that plus they recycle the water they use for irrigation and industrial use and as we cover this really important story about water conservation, I have one question, how come ginger got to go to Victoria falls in Africa and I'm at a car wash 20 minutes from my house? Fair question. That is a fair question. I know. We're feeling that pain. All right. So, Becky, these are small thing, yes, but out in California you've been doing these things for years, so have you seen an impact? We are absolutely on the front lines, but it has made a difference. Per person we're using about a third less water than we were when all of this started. So a little drop in the bucket becomes a deluge, robin.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"A \"GMA\" visit to Victoria Falls opened up a conversation about climate whiplash, as extreme weather has occurred across the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69095524","title":"Extraordinary Earth: Ways to protect the environment from home","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/extraordinary-earth-ways-protect-environment-home-69095524"}