Theme parks reopening across the country

Popular theme park Six Flags is opening its gates with new health and safety measures to help keep visitors and workers safe.
3:28 | 06/05/20

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Transcript for Theme parks reopening across the country
We are back now with theme parks re-opening their Gates across the country and the new health and safety measures implemented to keep visitors and workers safe. This morning, the first six flags opening its Gates and we are taking you inside for a look at what guests can expect now. ABC's Clayton Sandell is at six flags frontier city in Oklahoma getting ready to ride. Good morning, Clayton. Reporter: Hey, good morning, Amy. They have been shut down since March 13th. Now, on a typical day there would be thousands of people here, but today they're starting small. A crowd of just 500 people and when they walk through those Gates they'll see a lot of changes. Six flags frontier city in Oklahoma, opening later today with new health and safety protocols in hopes of keeping customers from getting sick, starting right when they walk through the gate. Every guest will be required to pass through thermal imaging devices which will take their temperature and raise an alarm if itenses a fever. Metal detectors and turnstiles are now touchless and the park has installed hundreds of sanitizing and hand washing stations. Guests will be separated on rides to ensure proper social distancing. There are even mask Zones where they can safely remove their face coverings. There's a lot to compensate but at the same time all the fun rides are still here. Reporter: Disney,he parent company of ABC news also planning a phased re-opening of Walt Disney world in Orlando starting July 11th. Bob Chapek chase the new guidelines will limit attendance, requiring face coverings for all face and staff, social distancing, plexiglas barrier, increas hand washing and sanitizer stations along with temperature and health screenings. There will be some implicit risk in doing almost anything in a post-covid world. We need to make sure that when we do open up we're doing it very conservatively and in a very measured way. Reporter: What this will look like, we're here at the wildcat roller coaster. We're all used to being in lines where they pack people together. You can't do that anymore. They've painted yellow stripes. They're only using every other lane to move people through. You can see the markers on the ground here to make sure everybody stays six feet apart. Take a look over here. It was nice enough to have some folks come in to help us out and demonstrate that when you get on this roller coaster first of all you're not going to be sitting with a stranger and they'll stagger everybody row by row. We have somebody here in the first row. I am going to hop into the third row. I get to be one of the first people to ride and people in the fifth, seventh and ninth rows, so to speak so I'll hop in here. Strap in. They're also doing a couple of other things here. Everything that your hands touch they tell us they will be hand sanitizing -- they will sanitize every 20 to 30 minutes and you have to wear a mask so I'm going to hold on to my mask with this hand and hold on for dear life with my other hand and are you guys ready to go? All: Yeah! It's a good thing I haven't had breakfast, guys, see you later. Good luck, Clayton. We're thinking of you. I mean, yeah, all right. You say you can't ride a mask with a mask on. I think that would make me scared but I do love roller coasters. Coming up next, singer Amy grant undergoing surgery for a

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Popular theme park Six Flags is opening its gates with new health and safety measures to help keep visitors and workers safe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71086257","title":"Theme parks reopening across the country","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/theme-parks-reopening-country-71086257"}