Today will be the busiest travel day of the year

Parenting expert Ericka Souter has some tips to get through it with children in tow.
2:19 | 12/01/19

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Transcript for Today will be the busiest travel day of the year
today's weekend download, how to stress less when traveling with your kids. As we mentioned, today is expected to be the busiest air travel day in American history. Parenting expert Ericka souter is here with tips and tricks to get us through it. Thank you, we need you on this important day. The family trip always sounds like a great idea. Getting there is more than half the battle. What do we do to reduce meltdowns? The first thing crow you want to do is get organized. If you're like me sometimes you save things til the last minute. That's the worst thing possible. The night bv you want to download TV shows, games, apps that might keep everybody entertained in those long drives or in those long lines. Some of this is preventive here. What about packing tips to help reduce the stress on the travel day? You want to pack smart. Everyone always overpacks they're worried they won't have something they need. Reduce the amount of stuff you have. Have room for games and toys and snacks. Also ship ahead. That's a big thing. You don't have to overload your luggage. You can have a carry-on bag if you mailed a lot of things you need to get to your destination. That's a great idea, the ship ahead. Airport lines are the worst with little kids. You have a toddler. I have young girls. That's where the meltdowns and tantrums happen. What can we do to reduce that stress? Consider investing in a TSA program or fast pass program that lets you get through the lines quicker. You know how you get when you have to wait a long time. Imagine how that 3-year-old feels waiting for 45 minutes to get through airport security. I know how I feel. I still have nightmares. That's why we didn't travel this Thanksgiving for that reason. If all else fails, should we be ashamed if we have to resort to bribery? No. Oh, no. That's okay? We're in survival mode here. I keep cars or coloring books and crayons he hasn't seen yet. When he gets fed up and tired and cranky, I can distract him for a little while with something fun. Quiet down or you don't get this snack, that's okay. It's war when you're traveling. Use what you got. Ericka souter, thank you for helping us get through this crazy day. We'll be back here with "Pop news." Through this crazy day.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Parenting expert Ericka Souter has some tips to get through it with children in tow.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67415868","title":"Today will be the busiest travel day of the year","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/today-busiest-travel-day-year-67415868"}