What to watch out for when booking online travel

A warning about purchasing flights and hotel rooms for summer travel from websites that may look suspicious.
2:53 | 08/07/19

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Transcript for What to watch out for when booking online travel
We will move on to a summer travel alert about websites that may look like they're from major airlines and hotels but are not. If you use them you could be putting your plans and money at risk. One Michigan family nearly lost hundreds of dollars on one of these sites. Will reeve here with the details. Good morning, will. Reporter: Good morning, George. This couple say they were deutsched out of that money trying to rebook a flight and now warning others about the traps laid by these impostor websites meant to look like the real thing. Summer travel can be turbulent with flight delays and last-minute cancellations, but experts are warning it's also prime time to potentially be taken advantage of. It boils down to scammers impostoring major travel companies, whether it's a hotel chain or a resort or airline. At this point we thought they were the actual delta air lines. Reporter: Naomi poel was heading out to Japan when their flight was delayed. The couple says they immediately took to their phones in search of solutions and say one of the first sites that popped up, this one, delta air lines reservation deals boasting the best deals on delta air line flights at affordable rates. If you're in a hurry especially and you're just looking for a phone number, I would think that anybody could fall into that trap. Reporter: Now they say they were duped after being prompted to call the number listed on the site when trying to rebook their At first he said it would be $900 but that they would give us a discount and do it for $300. Reporter: And they say the site put a $300 service fee on their credit card before delta helped get their money back and got them a new flight at no charge. These websites also display the exact same disclaimer for would be passengers. The carriers tell us these sites aren't associated with them at all and it's not just airlines. The federal trade commission shows this example of a fake Hilton site. The better business bureau told us the average person loses roughly $1200 through sites like these. The most important thing people can look out for, make sure they're going to the right url. We want to give you a look at the sites so you know what to look for so we'll try out the telestrator. First if you look at the website itself, it's united airline reservations and that's not what the website is called. It would be united.com, of course, and then that logo in the top left corner is not the united logo. This however is the united logo. Ultimately you need to be conscientious and use common sense. Check the website for grammar and language mistakes. Many of them have problems there but they also do have disclaimers saying that the site is not associated with the airline, so it's important just to -- In the real fine print. Very fine print and really have to check that to know what you're getting? Can be a real trap. Let's go over to ginger.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"A warning about purchasing flights and hotel rooms for summer travel from websites that may look suspicious.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64824757","title":"What to watch out for when booking online travel","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/watch-booking-online-travel-64824757"}