Breaking down the trendiest diets of 2020

Registered dietician and nutritionist Maya Feller explains some of the most popular health crazes.
4:12 | 01/18/20

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Transcript for Breaking down the trendiest diets of 2020
Time now for weight watch. The trendiest diets of 2020. Registered dietitian and nutritionist Maya feller is here to take a look at the health crazes that we've been hearing about, plus, we're going to break them all down a little for us so we can understand it a little better. Maya, thanks for joining us. Nice to see you. Nice to see you. It's a new year. People are trying to start fresh. Let's talk about intermittent this is one of the most searched diets on Google. Walk us through it here. So intermittent fasting has been around for a while in one shape or another. And it's fast emerging as one of those diets that's going to help your metabolic health. We even see lots of celebs like Jennifer aniston and other a-listers engaging in this. Always talking about how it's helped them and improved their relationship to food. What are the nuts and bolts about someone curious to start get going? At its simplest form time restricted feeding. What you're going to see is that the person fasting chooses an eating window. Here we're showing eight hours then there's a fasting window of 12 hours or more. Here we've listed 16 but this is just an example. Can you actually help me take this to the other side? Sure. Perfect. Here we go. Definitely. Then we move to alternate-day fasting. What you see on alternate days the faster reduces caloric intake significantly, Wednesday and Friday they'll have a low caloric intake and Thursday and Saturday they're do a full feed. Let's move on to the next one. Then we see -- Ripping the calendar apart. Thank you so much. Then we see the 5:2 diet. On two nonconsecutive days in the week they're going to fast. Wednesday and Friday you're fasting. Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday you're not fasting so that's kind of a nuts and bolts. So one thing I do want to tell you is that for populations at risk you really shouldn't engage in intermittent fasting, people with eating disordering or medical conditions. My pro tip at its simplest form you'll fast when you sleep so don't overcomplicate it. Important to note if people have medical conditions. Exactly, absolutely. All right, on to our next thing. One of those mainstream diet trends is plant-based dieting. It's everywhere. Yeah, it is everywhere. You know one of the reasons people love plant-based diets is that the health benefits that come along with it are unbelievable. We're seeing the market respond to this. You know, for example Dunkin' doughnuts have the beyond meat burger. I know. Just this week the sweet Earth foods came out with an awesome burger that's premiering at ruby Tuesdays. Even hard rock cafe has a plant-based option on their So, how should people approach this if this is something they want to do? Okay, so when we're thinking about the terms, we want to really clarify them. People who are vegan eat no animal proteins whatsoever. Folks who are vegetarian may engage in eating eggs and dairy and now when we move on to the flexitarian, really, we're thinking about having plants at the center of the diet with animal proteins coming in little to none. So if we come over here, I'm going to show you some ways to kind of really incorporate these into your diet. This is Dan's heaven right here. This is your heaven. Enter the heaven. This looks awesome. Doesn't it look incredible? He's been thinking about Swiss chard all morning. Let's have a bite, so we have kale. You're going to see some gorgeous legumes. This is my favorite. Black rice. I do, too. I really think -- so good. Really nutty. It's delicious so, you know, one of the things about following a plant-based diet it really can actually help your skin. It's phytonutrient rich and so it helps to block the free radicals and is really incredible. So you're telling me it will make me stay younger longer. Definitely, 100%. Really helps boost my self-righteousness levels. Let's talk about another hot trend, which is prebiotics. What does that even mean? Prebiotics really -- you've heard about probiotics, but a probiotic needs food so that it can foster good bacteria. Enter prebiotic. It's the nondigestible carbohydrate that is food for your probiotics. Here we have some probiotic rich foods, kombucha, kimchi, yogurt. Notice this has probiotic rich We have just a few seconds so you know. Absolutely. So what I'm going to tell you is the gut is the largest immune mediator so feed your gut well. Thank you. For more from Maya and all of her diets visit our website, M.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"Registered dietician and nutritionist Maya Feller explains some of the most popular health crazes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68368725","title":"Breaking down the trendiest diets of 2020","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/breaking-trendiest-diets-2020-68368725"}