How a breakthrough new fertility test offers hope for families struggling to conceive

The test looks at the DNA of the mother to find the optimal time to conceive.
4:25 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for How a breakthrough new fertility test offers hope for families struggling to conceive
We need to awe be aware oit. Want to turn to that fertilit breakthrough THA could ey for wom whore struggling W miscarriages. Ewec featured in "National geographic" magazine offers new hop and Amy has more psi ivf. Good morning,or the CDC 12% ofom T U.S. Are dealing withtility be an answer to their prayers like asthis couple. Carolyn and Tim met three yearago, it was love at first sight. A cou month later W decided we knew we want have children. Reporter: But miscarriages a Carolyn P 40, they sought help from a fertility specialist in chicago recommended in vio fertilation. Th first attempt failed too. I think iwa just so devastating becau did ticipate at we thought the hard part would be get pregnant, not swayingpregnant. And the frustrating thing was you didn't Len anything from the previous miscarrie so there wasn't what could do diffen Hello. Good to see you. Reporter: But then learned about new way to tailor feea the mother's own DNA. Test that can help couple figure T perfect time for conception. Using aissue sample the E tr receptivity test findshe optimal time to conceive.r her iwas two days later than T avegeman. So this is what we are trying do here byersonalize medicine. We can make S that the uterus is ready and optimizeim for implantation. Hisley. Wow. Reporter: The ras their beautiful baby Wesley. Now 9 mthsd. We're so ck we're so blessed.atthem. Now this era test can cost arou $800 to $1,000 and T W I not covered by insuranccilia. Okay, Amy, thanks a lot. Want tong in now Dr. Ahepherd lettart with this E test why is this S a surprising and einvelopment? Infertility in general can be Su an emotional turmoil and journey. This is soexting. At we're finding this is S much personalized medication or mecine rather S what they're looking at ien who have gone throughrecurren miscarriages and recut pregnant. And so thisdoromen using their DNA T lk at their endomeial lining to determine when is the best time implant the embryo. We have this wonderful demo, T rfect way sualize. If you think of the cavity the ue needs to be perfect prg F that implantation. This is a little too little. This one has a little bit too much. But as you'll see here, T the perfect amount of soil fohis fewer to bloom which is just L the endometrial lining. In order to have that implant to have a successful Y. Amy use the number 12% of PEOP sgling wit infertility. That's a lot O pe who is this test bes for? So this test isest for not necessarily just going THR ivf as we discussed earlier B actuallyt's best for women who have recurrent miscarriag recurrent pregnancy loss and are sug from that type and using personalized individual caedicineha can tell them when is the best to plant the embryo. Are T risks? With any technology, N logy there's going to be risks Ando risks you'd have women can still miscarry potentially after having a E or tesng lik this but the emotional jrn wom go through innfertility is so important, we have take accot for THA emotional turm T they go through alsohe risk is it's newer so has been done on a lot of per se so need to have a little moref the test D to see exactly how well I can do. So many women and family some that. Yes, absolu. Reat to haveou here with T you so much. That January iue of "natiogeographic"agazine is a special one-issue edition about the fut ome available online right now and hits newsstands L this month.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"The test looks at the DNA of the mother to find the optimal time to conceive. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59817333","title":"How a breakthrough new fertility test offers hope for families struggling to conceive","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/breakthrough-fertility-test-offers-hope-families-struggling-conceive-59817333"}