Is caffeine good for your heart?

Cardiologist Dr. Jennifer Mieres appears live on "GMA" to discuss what to know about a new study that suggests caffeine might be good for your heart.
3:17 | 04/17/18

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Transcript for Is caffeine good for your heart?
Now we haven't you may help alert there's a new study. The says that a cup of coffee or tea you're drinking right now may be actually good for your heart but okay there are some catches. Cardiology professor and author doctor Jennifer Meretz is here with more you have our attention this goes again. What we've been told for so long we know that lets think about it coffee is one of a basic staple Stride Rite. And it's a stimulant we need your morning cup to get going. That there has always been a little bit of anecdotal think that this say that may be coffee is not good for the whole lot people with hot arisen he is. Where the heart becomes chaotic it'll be electrical system has affected the coffee me beat me quite small problems. But that study published in the journal of American College of Cardiology highlights the fact that three cups of coffee a day that we got your three cops. Is it okay and they specifically looked at people who had this sort of cardiac abnormality that the election electrical system. Specifically he atrial fibrillation which everyone's heard about. And found no. The effect or no correlation with coffee. And Corzine and that chaotic replant OK I think it's been useful but sure because especially this morning I'm sure a lot of people are having your Gil better now about the cup of coffee co. You had but I. We are not all caffeine. It's war he created the poor OK so the study looked at coffee teen and an energy tree laden and those energy drinks which have become really populated as fast pace of life you know we don't need to sleep we need to stay up. The MG drinks. I'm not that great they have principle more coffee and caffeine that coffee or tea now plus they have packed with other stimulants. And things that I'm not great but a hot so I would say yep copier three cups of coffee a day if you like three cups. Yet heat if you want to hit and stay away from the energy drink. It's OK and so what if things are now you're saying three cups of coffee but. No there's different sizes when you say I can't copy so what does the amount of caffeine we should have you know. I like this thing youth studies show up to five cups it's okay no problem I think ultimately. Beauty to know you'll body. You need to know what works for you and when you go to your docked. You know talking about. How how many cups featuring what are you feeling symptoms. The four cups them up against OK so I would say eighteen minute. Based on you you and you'll since sentence up to fight Scott's three cups of what I recommend up to five cups if it works for you it's okay. I think it's important for us to recognize hot disease the leading cause of death of man and woman in United States. There the lifestyle changes on important the American Heart Association say 80% of heart disease can be prevented by like sought changes and that's like coffee comes in chaos something you know we need to balance a lot I think importantly we as patients. We need to have a partnership with the doctors so when you go into sight to prepare for your own content visit its tax find you don't go to your accountant with your receipts. You go to a doctor with a log book up everything that has been happening to all I. I have to have you back to appreciate you very much.

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{"id":54518757,"title":"Is caffeine good for your heart? ","duration":"3:17","description":"Cardiologist Dr. Jennifer Mieres appears live on \"GMA\" to discuss what to know about a new study that suggests caffeine might be good for your heart. ","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/caffeine-good-heart-54518757","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}