What to know about CDC’s new mask guidance

Dr. Richard Besser, president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, joins “GMA” to talk about the latest guidelines on COVID-19.
2:27 | 05/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What to know about CDC’s new mask guidance
Now to our "Gma" cover story, the turning point in the pandemic we've all been waiting for, the CDC dialing back its stance on mask wearing. We're now joined by president and chief executive officer of the Robert wood Johnson foundation, former acting director of the CDC and our former colleague, Dr. Richard Besser who is here to answer your questions with social media and, doc, thank you for joining us. Let's get started. We all know you're a pediatrician, a lot of parents like Marianne are asking how comfortable should I be going maskless knowing that I will be spending a significant amount of time with my unvaccinated child so, doc, my question is what are those mask recommendations and are they different indoors versus outdoors? Yeah, you know, Michael, this is the area where there's the most questions. This truly is a turning point but if you are fully vaccinated you should feel comfortable being around your children who aren't vaccinated without you having to wear a mask. It gets trickier when going out in public with you children who aren't vaccinated. I'm encouraging all my patients 12 and older to get vaccinated but for younger kids, if you're out with your kids in indoor places they should be wearing masks. A lot of parents like Amy wondering if unvaccinated people choose not to wear masks can they potentially spread it to my unvaccinated kids? It could and, you know, this is one reason we want to make sure that everyone in every community has access to vaccine and it's as easy as possible and if you're someone who isn't -- is deciding not to get vaccinated, you do need to wear a mask. It's the right thing to do for those around you who can't get vaccinated or who may be at higher risk. And, Dr. Besser, given these guidelines as the former acting director of the CDC, what are your final thoughts as a parent Yeah, you know, I think that this is a real turning point. I'm hoping the CDC looking a little more at their guidelines around what kids can do outside because outdoor activities we're finding are incredibly safe. Even without a mask, even if you're not vaccinated and I'd like to see more encouragement for kids getting outdoors. This has been a really hard year on everyone, but in particular on children. And we need to let kids be kids in ways that are safe. I agree with that, doc. Couldn't agree more. Dr. Besser, always great to see you. Great to see you, Michael. Take care.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Dr. Richard Besser, president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, joins “GMA” to talk about the latest guidelines on COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77685456","title":"What to know about CDC’s new mask guidance","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/cdcs-mask-guidance-77685456"}