How well do cool workout clothing keep you dry?

"GMA" tries out some workout gear that promises to keep you cool and dry even while you sweat it out in hot and humid conditions.
3:35 | 07/25/18

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Transcript for How well do cool workout clothing keep you dry?
We are now taking a look at new workout clothes that. Amy keep you cooler and drier and drier this summer acting relief try the map. Summertime. Working out and it's hot and so I love the idea sure that promise to keep you cool income. Double accelerate the removal moisture from the stand and keep it cool even in the most hot and humid conditions but the shirts made of high tech fabrics can be pricey sweet victory. Thirteen dollars thirty dollars and seventy dollars so let's get sweating coming here it is online it is hot cop. Scary truth of fencing consumer research devises eight pressure cooker of a simulation. Yeah that's crazy his. Here reading yes. Cassie Megan and I won't work had in this climate controlled room where the temperature is sent to a hundred degrees and 32%. Humidity as a control we're gonna work out first in a regular content teacher. Cross training and bike again after 21 minutes just let collected in our cotton shirts is wade is a baseline. Cooled down in changing to the performance shirts what we want to see how much sway the nation this collects wanted to stay and these should look Claymores went through evaporation. But do what you cooler. I'm sweating. Think my workout partners. You feel him dramatically cooler. And get this. I'm a little more sway in the cooling shirt about 8% more and then Macon county sheriff's head doubled the amount of sweat than their content shirts. Did you guess feel cooler. NBA did and I got fast and then lunches I had. Signing up. More then let me comment on how a lot better in the first shirt. But I'm I didn't fuel that's cool any aspect at all. If the perform shirts as close to evaporate moisture better how you all collected more sweat. Let me check the apparel manufacturers and they told GMA the shirts did what they're designed to do would the sweat away from the skin into the outer layer once saying their fabric is later than most cotton shirts and it will wick the moisture faster. Distributing it around the garment for evaporation mother then leaving the liquid all in the sweat zone. But it didn't evaporate in next humid room. So to take this into the real world I worked out in the dry ice and Tracy California temperature 85 degrees with a little breeze in the air the performance shirts do much better than cotton shirts. This is the least expensive shirt and Marlon not sure many cooler. It's still a great job of a evaporating the sweat. Some push up slots a brisk walking end. Definitely sweating. But it seems like it's evaporating really fast so while stifling humidity may be tough for any shirt to overcome later readable fabrics can help in the dry heat to keep you from turning into a snow wedding next. A huge issue around these technical short his price. Levy cooler if you buy something that costs Moammar. Well that wasn't generally our experience but as with all clothing your pain for a lot of things comfort style der ability. Most of those are subjective. And up to the buyer to determine what it's weren't so. Cecilia I'll be weighing this thirteen dollar technical shirt because it's light company cute. And may be then no hit stuff out that's a plus Becky thanks a lot Becky.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"\"GMA\" tries out some workout gear that promises to keep you cool and dry even while you sweat it out in hot and humid conditions. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56807104","title":"How well do cool workout clothing keep you dry? ","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/cool-workout-clothing-dry-56807104"}