How 1 couple got creative to save their business

Gym owners Chris and Alex Perrin of Cut Seven fitness studio in Washington, D.C., pivoted to virtual classes amid the pandemic.
4:05 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for How 1 couple got creative to save their business
Back now with our open for business. Chris and Alex perrin found the popular fitness studio cut 7 just four years ago but had to get creative to keep their doors open when the pandemic hit. Here's how they saved their business. I'm coach Alex. We have arms. There's a lot of heart in this workout. A combo of personal training meets team based fitness founded by Chris and Alex perrin. It's a labor of love for the married couple. There are definitely times with we first started that we didn't know if we were going to be able to do it. Getting through those moments were incredibly difficult. But also it made us resilient. Reporter: That resiliency proved vital when the pandemic hit and their studio shut down. They pivoted first virtually then over the summer moving it outdoors. We started with just two classes outside. The first week. And by the second week we ended up having six to eight classes a day and ended up bringing out kettlebells. We filled our cars to the brim. Reporter: So they doubled down, investing their savings into an open air garage turned fitness studio debuting their new location last October. We're going to find a play to have a workout because the people that come here are counting on us for that and we're not going to let them down. Start with the feet. Just up and over. Up and over. Reporter: Chris and Alex committed to keeping their coaches employed and offering a safe haven for their dedicated fan base. Being able to relate and interact with people still in a healthy way has really helped get through this time. Oh, my, getting it done. Chris and Alex join us with a group of their cut seven coaches. Good morning to you all. Thank you so much and I want to tell everybody how this all started. Chris, you met when you became Alex's personal trainer turned into a beautiful love story turned into a business. How did it get to be cut seven? Tell us, Chris. Yeah, it was Alex's trainer and wanted an interesting workout and I did my best and Alex challenged me to make it into a business and here we are. He was an accountant 95 to 5 and training me every other outside hour and I knew he had something when I first started taking his classes. He only had four people going and knew it could be more. After we were together we build it to over 500. You are a dynamic duo. I love that. We have people watching. They want to be motivated so you've got some of your coaches there with you. You're going to give us the leg lift lunge and clap. That's one of the signature moves with cut seven. So show us how it's done. So we have a hurdle here and a leg lift lunge and clap. Alex is going to put all the weight on her front leg and lift up, clap underneath, now she will do a jump lunge into the next leg lift up keeping our abs braced and now she jumps over the hurdle and comes down into a squat, pump twist, come down pump twist, come back over the hurdle. Let's try it one more time. Guy, lift up over, then switch. Lift up, prop, hop over the hurdle. Here we go. Nice low squat. Stay on those heels, nice work, come back over. That's a lot, right. So what if that is too much for you? Let's tri something a little toned down. We begin a split squat, okay. We'll come up, come back down. Nice and low. Switch legs. Good. Just like that. Drop that knee. Good, shoulders back. Come back into a squat. Thank you, Chris. Good. Keep it going. Keep it going. We got to go but you all keep it keep going. Thank y'all. Cut sev

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Gym owners Chris and Alex Perrin of Cut Seven fitness studio in Washington, D.C., pivoted to virtual classes amid the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75510091","title":"How 1 couple got creative to save their business","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/couple-creative-save-business-75510091"}