This couple dropped nearly 200 pounds after making small life changes

Marlon and Camille Jones credit fun workouts and their unique takes on their favorite foods for reaching their health goals.
4:20 | 01/13/21

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Transcript for This couple dropped nearly 200 pounds after making small life changes
Back now with motivation nation and this morning we're meeting an inspiring couple from Atlanta who joined forces to conquer their weight loss goals together. Take a look. For Camille and Marlon Jones, weight loss was always a struggle. We were in denial for how long we let ourselves go. When the scales tipped to nearly 700 pounds for the joneses, they decided the best way to get fit, do do it together. Working together as a team is going to be our biggest thing. I took over fitness and she took over nutrition. Introducing healthy whole foods and kind of having a balance so we could make a better relationship with food. The couple kicking off their wellness lifestyle in may each doing runs throughout the month that totaled up to 50k. I was the first to prove to us we can do this. The sky's the limit, can you do anything. Reporter: For the couple pushing each other has made the journey fun. Doing that journey together has been a great part. They have lost close to 200 pounds. Don't count yourself out. Don't doubt yourself. Try it before you say you can't do it and most of the time you'll find that you can. Well, here they are before. And now time for the big reveal. Let's Camille and Marlon. You both -- you look incredible. Yeah, show it off. Lover it. Ah. We got to say, you look fantastic and I love watching that piece and watching you work out together. Having a teammate really, really helps you. We know on April 1st you both decided -- you challenged yourself and said we'll get healthy and lose weight. You lost a combined 189 pounds and now you're both runners. How does the success make you both feel? It feels absolutely amazing. Amazing. It just feels so good to be able to do this with my wife and she's just been such a supportive part of this for me and this has been amazing just to be able to do this and be successful and something we've always wanted to do? Yes, having each other has been the best part of this entire journey. It has. Camille, could you have done it alone. Did you need one another? If you have a teammate or somebody with you, how much better or easier that makes it. Oh, yes, it makes it a lot better. I try to diet, yo-yo dieting so many times prior to our journey but having him with me has been the best part. We do everything together. We don't let each other fail. If I don't feel like working out he's like, come on. We can do this so that's been the best part of this entire journey. Exactly. Marlon has been in chief of staff the workouts and, Camille, the food. What's your secret? Thank you for what you gave us here. Yes, well, it's just about finding that balance. Before our eating habits were everywhere. We didn't really have any structure so finding that balance between the foods W love and the foods we need have really been key. It's just really been understanding to not eliminate things but alternate things. Exactly. You two have a motivational challenge for all of our viewers? Yes, yes. Of course. Camille and I were able to accomplish some things that we felt we would never be able to do. We went out, we proved ourselves wrong and if we can do it, you guys can do the exact same thing so I challenge everyone out there that's watching this, go out there, find that one thing that you feel as though you can't do and prove yourself wrong. Start your journey and come follow our journey on our Instagram and help us to motivate you while you motivate us because it's a family. We're all motivating each other. I could not eat nachos. I don't think I could finish this plate of healthy nachos but I'm going to try. Just let me know. I'll fly up there for you. We know you love nachos. That's why she makes them for you. We appreciate both of you. We really are proud of both of you. Keep on going inspiring everybody and working together. Love seeing that. Uh-huh. Thank you. Thank you, guys. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Marlon and Camille Jones credit fun workouts and their unique takes on their favorite foods for reaching their health goals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75217604","title":"This couple dropped nearly 200 pounds after making small life changes","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/couple-dropped-200-pounds-making-small-life-75217604"}