Dangers of decorative contact lenses for Halloween

The Federal Trade Commission is warning about the effects of decorative contact lenses without a prescription that could include serious injury, even blindness.
2:46 | 10/31/19

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Transcript for Dangers of decorative contact lenses for Halloween
Now to a Halloween health alert about cosmetic contact lenses. The ftc warning that the dangers of using them as part of your Halloween costume could lead to some very scary consequences and Rebecca jarviss that those details for us. Hate to be a buzzkill here but there were more than 4,000 halloween-related injuries last year according to the consumer products safety commission and some of those involved Halloween costumes. While colored contact lenses are a popular trend, wearing them without a prescription could cause serious injury to your eyes, even blindness. Take a look at this young woman's story. Hello. Reporter: Whether you're channeling pennywise, maleficent or maybe a whitewalker, many costume lovers are turned to colored contacts to up their game but according to federal law, all contact lenses, even cosmetic ones require a prescription from a medical professional. Mamie gay of Cleveland, Ohio, says she understands why. I thought it was just one size fits all. Reporter: Unaware of the regulation she ended up in the emergency room after wearing her colored contacts overnight. Burning sensation, watery eye, couldn't see. We saw her here with abrasions or terrific painful scratches in both eyes that could have even potentially been blinding had they got Reporter: This week the ftc sending warning letters to seven unnamed retailers after receiving complaints about selling contact lenses to consumers without a prescription. The agency warns, buying contact lenses without a valid prescription can cause pain and eye discomfort. Blurred or decreased vision. Corneal abrasion, infection, even blindness. The American optometric association says it applies the ftc's recent efforts. Contact lenses are among the safest most popular forms of vision correction and it has been an active leader in holding retailers accountable. If somebody is offering you the lens and doesn't ask you for a prescription for the lens to fit you, then that lens is probably not legal and that sale is certainly illegal and you're probably putting the health of your eyes at risk. Very important to keep in mind, the fda advises you should never buy lenses from salon, beauty supply store, Halloween shops or any other source that doesn't require a medical prescription, even if they're purely cosmetic. The young woman in our segment did recover but says her eyes are still sensitive to light. Stay safe out there, George. You have to be so careful. On this Halloween we're looking at the science behind

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"The Federal Trade Commission is warning about the effects of decorative contact lenses without a prescription that could include serious injury, even blindness.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66659461","title":"Dangers of decorative contact lenses for Halloween","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/dangers-decorative-contact-lenses-halloween-66659461"}