'Fertility warriors': How one family's IVF journey led to embryo adoption

Kerri and Chris Morgan of Wappingers Falls, N.Y., are now proud parents after struggling with infertility.
15:25 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for 'Fertility warriors': How one family's IVF journey led to embryo adoption
First trying to conceive naturally it was definitely him. I'm feeling what's it wasn't happening it was stressful. Almost everyone knows somebody who is going to challenge of infertility. If anybody is happy to be frightening. Morning. Set. Do. Honestly as corny and cheesy and that is it was completely on efforts. Analysts. At. I think it's the way have you. I. We pretty much talked about having kids on our first eight. We decided that you know people want and you have kids we want to start students where Mary. First trying to conceive naturally was definitely. Odd feeling considering. 38 years of my life I've been trying to do the exact opposite. What's it wasn't happening it was. Definitely stressful. That's when our doctor told us that I had extremely low and meets which is your ovarian reserve. They can't make more X com. She did tell us there's many options there's many things out there and that we're gonna try. We decided to be realists. And it not bankrupt ourselves. We can afford to do this once needing one says in our own ID act and go from there. FIVF we mimic what happens inside a woman's body that we do in the laboratory. We combine its firm with DA's after the egg retrieval and we even checked to see if there's been fertilization. We've been transferred an embryo or embryos into the uterus then told easily read your pregnancy test and in need partners to restaurants not. Step one with the IDF processes where the female partner takes injections to stimulate egg follicles to grow and her ovaries. My it had became a bonding thing every night he'll Hayes is like elements it. When the can take upwards of an average of a 10200. Cloning injections. We were on a pretty heavy Madison protocol because I wasn't getting the tanks. We went into the retrieval thinking we were getting three ex mayor elect me not five eggs you did an aide saying. And we were like on cloud nine. And then we got a phone call the next stagnant Manning has now that created the. We have three potential. Lives in a Petri dish and then to me it felt like a six car movie that won every day. One of embryos had completely stop crying. And he the last embryo was not done well it didn't look like who's going to Megan but they want to get it when my day. Zack good progress that he can't. Land that was the hardest thing ever. It was literally daylight. The losing hard show to end. The grieving process was. That we knew we were doing Fonseca said so tell us that was you know that was our shot at our our own biological child. I proposed three different options to press. One. To being. Egg donors and dreaming embryo donation. Basically somebody else had gone through the I guess process and had left overs. That really spoke to me and it just made me feel we could have now all the people that would be Helms. In the process of this. Embryo donation even though that's what I want and that most analysts worry that Chris would not be on board for at because it would be removing his DNA from our child. And no there is satisfied part of me said while it's only fair. It's not here is CNN's question. Embryo donation is the best chance that we have had being out to carry out. And so this is that he intends profile often expect. And heat will slay you know what like a cop. More about you we have to now. She always says that were the ones doing it neighbor she wanted custody of their parents and she wants her place at the have a chance that great life. In the went down to build the clinic in West Virginia and we have this tank that looks like our TD tale that's what they call a and they put everything in science paperwork and all that and honor whaling land our first Stanley yet. Now this is happening now we have the embryos. Our first chance or it was not successful. We are going CEO beach and sang at last remaining embryo. And we're feeling hopeful. He Hank Aaron last month's hearing appointment CUC. And my lining is now ready for our Andrea chancellor. I'm getting really really parents yeah but NASA feel really positive last appointment went pretty well and everything is on track. Reader a nice beautiful embryos ready to go we wanna be sure your body. Housing and they okay. And us. Here is. Yeah OK I'm just getting there yes. Well only excellent iron. Well sentence nothing happened. There do you missed us and. What dimensions Lewis bullets when he addressed. I think you'll see them talk and. Orchestra fairness but we want to finish indecency and he adds that planes at a remote possibility that we could be. Not to attend Bethel because we've went prematurely. Or failed to address potential drop in the war room. That made this is a good time address to reassess that. My lining last week when he came on there is. Was at a thirteen today it went downhill and eat. So we decided to them you looked to my dean's estrogen and also increase that. So much as it's by stating recently. And setting it instantly. It's Harry really hard but does although one on dug up limits like six it's there are things that you beacons. Something changed its in the team's it's also hard when you know I've put my body through this Almonte are ready for that stormy days. He can't repair because every time it's a roller coaster. Bay lightning is not getting anything here even win the added extra. Tips. Really desired. Is beatle the obvious isn't so. Putting myself. Through all of us the it was it'll stress the physical stress the seated patches the serious that he. In my body does not need to be pregnant I don't know it anymore. Today is our chance very today eat. So weary here at the doctor's office getting rainy start and end. So the donor mom sends us care package she sent this really closer from whoever transfer day so I can also be in the spirit of things I'm constantly in communication and let her back at a donor. She sent me messages rally and a daily basis this morning I woke up to one this anxious sending us love thinking about last normal day. Sending as positive Ives. Anywhere eaten up. He possibly. We're ready. Ready go. A pack. We've been burial is there anything and it's here hey this is the last Andrea of this stone age and so this will definitely be in the last tried far at least ally now. Here. And valued started again little bit yeah. Campaign that. And down any industry that's transparent it's been canceled twice and now we're here now only six weeks later. Snow now we just have to add fee that there's theories and there isn't Aaron going through that and hopefully. Freezes about it but it could be peaking at. The entire black. It's great. When I learned about life is that she is. If the roles were a first we wouldn't be doing fertility treatments. Because I don't think I could do it. We can. You can actually feel like three he. Me me. And healthy. Which inherently good thoughts good luck AM. Feyerick joining. The agency says Dan. I'll be right back. He's finding oil homeowner and eat. Today today it will find data for frank men and if our transparently success I'm. So right now we are waiting for the phone Kolb. I really had no clue what's gonna happen I know what I want to happen on this. Focusing on word you know hopefully in a positive phone call and just really really. Nervous. This experience has never been you know a positive one sentence still kind of find myself. Talking to the amber Allen until now we are hopeful sign in there they keep trying to. I. I achy cuts hugging him and AM that Al hopefully it be giving hear me he gets today and beat us. I'm mark care feeling as sad as they did last time and I know it's gonna feel even worse this time because. There is no harm embryos that it. Does that. I. Me. Man. Opens up that. It's. Okay EL. Sorry they don't. Let me. I. And and do you believe it. Is. Proud. That day. Be happy yeah. This is Brian me. More again. He was born on January 24 2019. And he is our perfect clone income. We finished RS and now in this child enjoy that during. Who you are and and you're actually you know him. I know today. Food learn. There are a lot of women out there now. This past and apple that in my heart every. Right now. If they did well on it definitely. Is hard date that it. Are yeah. It's. This is awesome I thought our sign up for something. Much more difficult I think he appreciates us bring him within this world so it's taking anything else. I truly believe that we are better parents because of that we are so grateful. Every minute of the day in our own kids say all this here it's going to be so hard not gonna sleep and that and they think. The reason why it's been easier for us is because readable kicker we're just so happy to have him that it's like. Okay back to sleep a little less are making any yet or haven't showered today or any of those things at play. None of that matters because. We have him. In order to go through this process you have to be strong and every. Act back. It does not mean that you cannot cry it does not mean that you don't break down but it means that you're gonna keep fighting the fight. That's let us fertility war is down. We keep fighting and we don't give up until there's a sweet baby and I arms.

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{"duration":"15:25","description":"Kerri and Chris Morgan of Wappingers Falls, N.Y., are now proud parents after struggling with infertility.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62562793","title":"'Fertility warriors': How one family's IVF journey led to embryo adoption","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/fertility-warriors-familys-ivf-journey-led-embryo-adoption-62562793"}