Fit for the holidays: Olivia Culpo’s 5-move workout you can do anywhere

Staying in shape during the holidays just got a whole lot easier thanks to Olivia Culpo and P.volve’s on-the-go workout.
6:24 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for Fit for the holidays: Olivia Culpo’s 5-move workout you can do anywhere
Hey guys I'm or vehicle though and I would receive five you can view anywhere on the go when you're traveling. We're. Are we mutual. It. I'm here he's got a great deal how that this isn't abandoning his people. And then at his home. Opening. Oh. Saying he's that's. Why. Perfect posture. Bradley line. So people out as a resistance base high intensity low and pox fitness Matt said. And it strengthens sculpt and energizes the whole body C feel lifted and sculpted long lean and maybe for the day. My friend at Windsor was always talking about the announcements and for choosing victories secrets out. She was really she always told me about how things were gonna different from other workouts is it really focuses on strengthening. But link thinning as well that's a huge particles and long lean muscle. Government heard that that Philip went right before where we'll hand it back. He is Andy. The EU. That's. See you he does why. And then when you come it's really top I think hey I can do this like watching TV. And and they. Yeah. And you can totally. Lynn moved lower after Jack. Things are really hard pleas for a lot of books target yet. He's you don't want to hurt your low back a lot of things on the floor of it is standing protect act if you really challenging to. Be careful about what you're eating in your exercise continuing here on ago I think for me the biggest thing is I get tired and I don't think having to think about a lot of houses kind of they eat whatever and meet you like ski about a few workouts but. That's right and others my love to leave all his. There's only lose you can learn through these classes are also all the equipment is so portable so he dated anywhere. So let's walk up those. And he shall be ready for re asking for the great and he's a little for just a moment and then pushed out. And Martinis and let. Okay. Alec that. Blake about. He there are so effective. It's yes. It's so it's like so. It. It. It. Are. Those tips that could do this means it when you're traveling would be. Trying to have. Your phone food and animal war. What I like to do if I find myself out eating a lot of traveling to support a little bit and needy at the line option. As well as. If there's access to again but probably seeing and it nine finding work out that does allowed that he would stay and often. Oh. It. Out perfectly. Neutral. Let him. And all yet and you hit. It. A tactic. That act. You've seen it brings back from the resistance still needed you know. It's so simple. Please visit else's I mean you do like on a conference call. Yes absolutely or like what else could you and you couldn't it work that he. You can even add on. Well. Even while the upper body. Helping people help you stay accountable I think is really important so that it is every trip is different here lives and that's with BC refining your life of the party air Everett like. If your local that you afterwards he should just tell people it was that were imminent like he'll feel comfortable. You know he where. This piece that's until Rick. And opt. You can each fan and and eats pizza. And yeah. Control sake. I think it's because there control commitment and movement. The top. There. Yeah picture. Upload your core like he definitely carrier or. You're excluding yourself. Often. He might keep it up there and he likes. That is route back hello off. I think that all of these workouts are definitely targeting the key areas. Tons of core link singing and toning strengthening those difficult Monfils to target and also just being very specific with in this that you. Really tackle this problem areas without Appleton of. Festival where. That. Kirk that he or perfect.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"Staying in shape during the holidays just got a whole lot easier thanks to Olivia Culpo and P.volve’s on-the-go workout.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67394659","title":"Fit for the holidays: Olivia Culpo’s 5-move workout you can do anywhere","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/fit-holidays-olivia-culpos-move-workout-67394659"}