Gabrielle Union speaks out about adenomyosis diagnosis

The actress has spoken candidly about her struggles with infertility for years, and revealed in a new interview that she was diagnosed with a certain type of endometriosis known as adenomyosis.
5:01 | 08/14/18

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Transcript for Gabrielle Union speaks out about adenomyosis diagnosis
We're going to move over to our cover story. Gabrielle union revealing her struggles with infertility revealing a recent diagnosis. Diane Macedo is back. I am. After 20 years it seems Gabrielle finally has an answer. It's a condition many women may not know they have. Reporter: In the hit series "Being Mary Jane" Gabrielle union plays a journalist who's fertility struggles are broadcast on TV. This is abnormal. You can always try again. Reporter: In real life she's speaking out about her difficult journey in trying to conceive. You are not alone. Reporter: Speaking at the blog her 18 summit. Union says after 20 years of searching she has a diagnosis and possible explanation. Everyone had just sort of chalked it up to you're a career woman you prioritize your career and now you're too old to have a kid. That's on you for wanting a career. The reality is I actually have adenomyosis. Reporter: It's difficult to diagnosis and union has been very open about her battles over the year. She also told robin Roberts last fall about the pain she suffered in trying to start a family. It felt like a few days, but it was a week or two later to find out we had lost the baby. That was the first one. It just is so devastating. Reporter: Union married Dwyane wade in 2014 and although she's a proud step-mom of two sons she remains hopeful her time will come. I don't want to show up and be like here's my baby and everyone is like how? I want to let you know there can be more to the story. Reporter: It is possible to have children with this diagnosis, here's hoping she gets the treatment she needs. Having been there myself. Sometimes the hardest part is not knowing what is causing them and sometimes having an answer is a huge relief. Bless your heart for sharing that. Dr. Jen is here. What is this? There's three layers in the uterus, an inner layer and outer layer. Think about this as a Normal uterus. With this diagnosis these glands sink down and make the middle layer much thicker. This is something that a lot of times slips under the radar. You can diagnose it surgery. We can get hints a woman has it, but it can go under the radar. What are the chances being able to carry to term? That's an unknown. You need a lot of things going the right way. When you have a woman with multiple miscarriages you have to look at a lot of things. This is something that affects a lot of women. Once we can diagnose it, it's about managing and trying to take a different view to fertility. What are the symptoms? Mostly pain and bleeding. Women are not taken serious when they complain about these things. I like to remind people when you complain of something, that complaint needs to be taken seriously. The uterus can be enlarged and look enlarged on imaging. Any cure for this condition? No cure. There's management. The key is manage the symptoms. Sometimes hormonely, rarely surgically. Once you determine there is some trouble with the couple, you have to get your ducks in a row and hope for the best. So great of Gabrielle to step up and have this discussion. This is like when our grandmothers would say we have this problem and no one would talk about it. This is 2018. We need to bring women's health issues to the forefront. Yes. Jen thanks so much. You can find out more by heading to our website.

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{"id":57166865,"title":"Gabrielle Union speaks out about adenomyosis diagnosis","duration":"5:01","description":"The actress has spoken candidly about her struggles with infertility for years, and revealed in a new interview that she was diagnosed with a certain type of endometriosis known as adenomyosis. ","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/gabrielle-union-speaks-adenomyosis-diagnosis-57166865","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}