Give Me Your 'Gram: @DocJenFit teaches how to stretch

Physical therapist Dr. Jen Esquer helps people alleviate pain while working from home on her Instagram account @DocJenFit.
4:15 | 05/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Give Me Your 'Gram: @DocJenFit teaches how to stretch
We are with our series, "Give me your 'gram," introducing you to must follow Instagram accounts. With millions of people now working from home, many are also struggling with new aches and pains. The American chiropractic association is discovering an increase in back and neck pain reported during this pandemic. So Jen Esquer on her popular Instagram page, doc Jen fit, is one physical therapist here to help. Take a look. Hey, guys, it's Jen here better known as doc Jen fit. Your personal doctor of physical therapy. Reporter: General Esquer is a physical therapist turned Instagram influencer who went from showing off her impressive moves to sharing her tips for moving better to her over 570,000 followers. Today we're going into mobility and stability within the calf. Push elbows into the wall and inhale on the way down and come right back up. Reporter: Doc Jen fit teaching her followers about the right and, yes, even wrong way to stretch from the hamstrings to the upper back. Rather than looking for quick fixes, we need to know what we can do every single day to support our body and health. Reporter: Gallop estimates 62% of employed adults have worked from home during the pandemic. And many of them experiencing the aches and pains that come along with that. Rather than focusing on the one posture you need, focus on the next posture because truly the best posture is the next one that you're going to be in. Reporter: Like many other physical therapists, doc Jen fit hopes to provide tools for people to heal themselves and become pain-free. Our mobility is our foundation. So I'm so honored that I get to be the person that's kind of is introducing and reintroducing that into people's lives. And Dr. Jen is joining us live to teach us a thing or two. Thank you so much for being with us this morning. Hi. Excited to be here, thank you. For many of us staying and working from home means more sitting. How can we prevent low back pain? That's a thing a lot of us are complaining about. Yeah, exactly. So especially for low back pain a lot of people are rounding when we sit a lot, whether it's on the couch or at a desk. So I like to change that position and get them out of that and extend that through the hamstrings. So just by taking that bottom back, unlocking the knee and kind of bending forward, you're already feeling a much better stretch into the hamstring rather than rounding through the back. Great one to decrease that pressure. I'm definitely one of those with a posture problem when I'm sitting doing work throughout the day. But for this next one, you say there is a popular muscle that people tend to target incorrectly. What should we be doing here? So, a lot of times people focus on the hip flexor. So this psoas muscle that connects from our lower leg all the way up into our lower back, usually it's about stretching here when actually we need to have a smaller step to rotate that tailbone under and reach high and then reach over and kind of rotating and reaching, we really feel that stretch from the lower leg all the way up into that lower back and it helps just decrease that pressure and that pull. Sometimes when I'm at home, Dr. Jen, and I'm writing and it's just so good, my head starts to hurt a little bit. Oh, gosh. My head hurts right now. I'm kidding. What do you do when you're sitting at a computer and your neck starts to hurt? Yeah, so that's a popular one where we always want to focus on what to do right at the neck where I like to go a little lower to the upper back. And if we just find a wall and you put your foot on the inside close to the wall, reach up and over, we actually are keeping that shoulder blade back, you're able to get a really good stretch to that pec and also you start to rotate through the upper back so already by increasing that mobility up into the upper spine, we decrease that pressure at that neck. All good tips we can do from our house. And hopefully you won't hurt yourself trying to do that, Dan. She didn't fix the problem in my head, but, you know, whatever. There is no solution to that. That's going to take lots more time and effort. That's a psychotherapy thing.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Physical therapist Dr. Jen Esquer helps people alleviate pain while working from home on her Instagram account @DocJenFit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70967684","title":"Give Me Your 'Gram: @DocJenFit teaches how to stretch","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/give-gram-docjenfit-teaches-stretch-70967684"}