'GMA' Train My Way: New to the gym

Crunch Fitness trainer Lee Lawrence shares his three tips for success at the gym.
4:58 | 01/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Train My Way: New to the gym
It's definitely intimidating coming entertainment having now I get it yanking her out and you know offer keep buying stronger peeps I'm looking currencies joining them. And be happening where you feel prompter blogging around. I am used to going to a lot of your fitness classes. You know it's not much one online training it's. Here in a big classic isn't being passed. Not knowing exactly what to jail for not very confident when you walk in here. Without any training or knowing anything about the equipment some of intolerance do becoming our confidence and being able to work out machines on campus. As probably the big thing for first time. No big play arms was there look like anyone else Davis did confide. So I am looking to become tone I really want to work on my upper body saying. And if you know bill from the ball when I put myself in Atlanta working on other people might. Biggest advice would be to stay in your race play a good thing to know the port for sprint endeavors before we move on the top when you look outside of your mind those days Elaine write your rate and it will be fine. Until his. The. The game's you can't figure. Go below the harder great job we'll great job Bob what's that about Bob. And go right here. War. This stuff. Marie good. Then why. Great job. I really surprised myself. Where good things that I could do it and if history that I had I did not know how strong. Human edited together the biggest thing that I think. For them over we'll be the first on the big goal is probably the pain they're very first workout. The jump we'll be someplace that's one that we pretty much let go read some things that sort. Without the biggest thing to make sure that we would have been a great time. NN. I'm not stronger. Working with a personal trainers. Belief actually. Really can't be motivated did you become. We don't we'll work it hold on every kind of out of hand that we did something different and I learned all that from part of my body and this is that I get news. Now. Really makes things that work from. Squads and those full. Squat rag I think is being loaded got de Niro but they loading while right here be a little bit intimidating stoppers toppled over there issue with the little bit nervous that she went out of are we gonna put this way don't. But what she did it like let's see how much did you move on after that vote. That was probably the biggest thing that she probably mastered out of him million dollars for different. And it. Top day. Person that she was buried will be curious about me and it's important now that she knows what she's working on. Now that the gym for the couple playgrounds that it is that a great. Thirty days there. Britain been training with me for thirty days has been going great we had some bold that we had to start up at the beginning we crushed gold goes right we started in and pretty much change since we got there and it's been every week we. Pretty much topped with opening ball from there has been. They've been wonderful right. I think we literally fated flight every week alleged incidents both five and. It greatly wouldn't hear of you haven't been very nice effect it very proud and I think. I have seen a lot of teens and my pops in my body I'm very proud of what I learned that I could do. It's. And Helen Hunt in game. Because of the U. I haven't had a very. Portland. Thank you you've really liked. Turning me around I did not know all of this stuff that I could do and maybe they're really good about it. Guzman who. I feel comfortable undated. That he can learn how we talk a lot. You aren't really. Showed me. Money. They. Something.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"Crunch Fitness trainer Lee Lawrence shares his three tips for success at the gym.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60337186","title":"'GMA' Train My Way: New to the gym","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/gma-train-gym-60337186"}