'GMA' Train My Way: Get wedding fit

Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser shares must-try moves for brides-to-be.
6:42 | 01/14/19

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Transcript for 'GMA' Train My Way: Get wedding fit
Omega. Alice. You have half die early fall over drops right now I think. Kind of working out one of the Tutsis and say I'm just kind of always make excuses right now just last night Pennington. My workouts very often in. I do you know letting coming I also have my dress fitting at the end of August he's really is aborted his name is bragged. And he's excited returns. I advisors helped shape Hollywood's hottest months have gone. I think whole. I. Think I. Wouldn't want Hanna has great arms and neck race car bursts garnered. Since. They were working with me that he thirty day. Weddings grinning at her right work but we're so excited. Honestly I'm looking mostly for just behind looking I wanna clean house I'm actually looking forward to eating better and having partners. So we're here today. I didn't get lean mean ready. For what he's gonna in the back seat of she's anywhere sixteenth week but he's really only forty pennants coverage today that's the standard for all of us to make sure that we continue to stick. We understand that bars in the days beyoncé. How that specific goal for Laney it's getting ready for the wedding sitting in that dress and feeling. Can't have to sell bulls are really. Weren't thought it really is on how it fun don't want your custody ruling want to have a great time great music great ball. And that's to get here thank you sell them. Yeah. I. It. Happened at us and you're meaning you're alive we keep up. Really carefully at. What. It. It definitely my. And my eyes. And yeah yeah. As he. I hurry up. Let's. And die you like followed her throughout the mid. The first week I will say like after average I thought I was going I'll respect you guys I think pock marking an iceberg 800 calories. It find peace act that. I. He. Got lucky Beattie it's. After the first step and is. I just went into every conflict really excited and motivated because I was already seen result. Everybody on the floor I guess that's all I want hot line Atlanta pot else. The latest weekends and trusting that routine pancakes and now looks. And other news. We're looking good. But short term fitness journey as most people will start seeing results and then back off I think. I can relax you don't get that workout tomorrow medium happen like that because I look on life and really want to think about the long term goal to keep yourself consisting. But week three was in your heart. Kinda my fear that things like was seen by Dmitri. But I actually didn't I was like my adrenaline going and I'm seeing results like this one he vowed Thursday to sixteen hasn't had any sweet wanted to. Mr. chocolate nothing. Tennis and I'm glad to get them creating something and I have a piece of dark chocolate from the kitchen this. Can't wait to until it I think the hardest part of that was. Living in social settings where I could insulate them he knows he's doing but then after a few weeks like it was. It from me. For the last thirty days I had put me on my program to get through it. Yeah did so I lost thirteen pounds of fat I mean few pounds of my phone. And I lost eleven pounds are all. And she went from 20% body fat. Percent by the fact that's above average to below average in thirty days. In. And so I actually found my wedding dress in the name I tried it on I thought sample size lets my side as I. She hadn't shoved me into it back in May and then I went and I'll address on Tuesday with my momma hands. Thanks Dana Kaiser. Good luck and good luck. And she's been injured right up and the orders he's got it I think guys are my wedding day I felt a hundred times more comfortable and she even said that are not have to ultimately addressed at all just like I've never seen his former tigers slipped into the sample size. Citizens. Being here at least. All. The all. I even how to root canal 1 morning and I needed to might work out at night the day and everything up. I was like yeah I believe. Yeah. Hey guys it's. They're not free and half months since my train highway program was. GM and amp highs are high finance very easy to just snooze the alarm and just go back to bad thing. Once I'm out of that and I think it's just once I got the speed time. Working out this morning as Kyle Austin I wanted to do. But. I needed to cross and once I got the studio surrounded by green energy and I think that just getting married is. One of the biggest days. I'd say to get started and not make excuses and once he gets started I think it's you'll create this sort of moments I'm and then they'll keep dying. So good but.

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser shares must-try moves for brides-to-be.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60336910","title":"'GMA' Train My Way: Get wedding fit","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/gma-train-wedding-fit-60336910"}