Here's your at-home workout to get wedding fit

Celebrity trainer and AKT founder Anna Kaiser shares a 5-move circuit workout for brides-to-be.
3:40 | 01/14/19

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Transcript for Here's your at-home workout to get wedding fit
If you want to be wedding that thirty days transfer them into it forward in the the thing wrath first round. Do not stop season if it's. There isn't more Reagan budget immediately bit faster beauty pushers and the last how around. Fifteen seconds go all out all right. Okay first exercise he clock about his account please step aside he has toes 45 degree. That active. Toes for back about. Down and all the way down he'd bring in devices he does that buoyant history shall is over those pets. We honor Gil. Could. You can try my. Hand me that really was used as leverage. If you're in Armenia where you're coming into OY push up. 45 degrees in the it's bringing the check all the legality on the way to treat your chest. And then you. Aaliyah. I. All spinning really other hand are we yet again if you're a thinner keep me down in that push up. Wheaton College try just coming to a plane and so pushed. My full play and I am switching. It worth the start. One free that we hear chat rooms 8 o'clock. Yes which peaches and keep our kids have been in a press overhead. So you. Pulled out pitchers. You know. Pretend that make up keeping in the wake me. He'll. Look. Our get a job with got three get them back everything. Kind. Forty factory near upper body can't take closely here shoulder. Bring it back Agassi. Gaffes and straight arm down at least eight. The office holders from. Britain. 15. Straight solution or. Gotten all the way street. To me that we cherish he. We back to come forward. And heart rate raising the hobbling from those switching lenses. When mark. I laugh and get that car you know bursts again. Indeed Jackson served all I'm doing this in the heat count week. The you can try and see what works best for you know. He's absolutely pets. It looks here's my. Back going to be dipping and slap. And that's not asked for you don't do it again another 62 period and looking at each exercise and have more of me. If you can catch anything you would that a line. The range of emotions get deeper into that nature your son proper form and really put yourself.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Celebrity trainer and AKT founder Anna Kaiser shares a 5-move circuit workout for brides-to-be.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60320752","title":"Here's your at-home workout to get wedding fit","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/home-workout-wedding-fit-60320752"}