Instagram star suffers stroke doing yoga move

Rebecca Leigh, 40, survived a stroke after filming a difficult handstand that landed her in the hospital with a torn carotid blood vessel, which caused a clot to go to her brain.
3:36 | 03/26/19

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Transcript for Instagram star suffers stroke doing yoga move
Back now with that warning after an Instagram star suffered a stroke while doing a yoga move. Now she's sharing her story and Amy has the details. Good morning. Rebecca Leigh is a social media star and was recording a yoga session for her fans when something went terribly wrong when she pushed herself too far. She's a yoga enthusiast inspiring her more than 26,000 followers on Instagram with poses like these. But 40-year-old Rebecca Leigh is also a survivor. In 2017 surviving a stroke after filming a particularly difficult handstand for her fans. That move landing her in the hospital. At the time writing on Instagram, I had an awful headache. I had some strange visual issues and felt a lot of pain in my neck and head. I tried to put my hair in a ponytail and my left arm was numb. I physically could not get my brain to tell my arm what I wanted it to do. Adding no pose or picture is worth what I have been going don't be so tempted to push over your limbs. Leigh learned she tore a major blood vessel in her neck and that caused a clot to go to her brain and sharing her story in the hopes of warning others. In a new interview with media outlet swns, Leigh says she suffered from neck pain and migraines in the past but knew this was different. It was terrifying. She says it was like a curtain coming down all around me. My pupils were different sizes. I knew something was very wrong. That's when she and her husband went to the emergency room and an mri scan revealed the shocking news. There was no way that someone my age in my health could have a stroke. It's not just yoga. It can occur when the neck is put in extreme positions. It wasn't a yoga move but an appointment with a chiropractor that led to the sudden death of 34-year-old playboy model Katie may in 2016. The coroner finding neck manipulation tore one of her arteries and just like Leigh cut off blood flow to her brain. She died a few days later in the hospital. This morning, both cases acting as stark warnings of how sensitive our bodies can be at any age. It is frightening stuff there. Rebecca was back on the yoga mat a month after the stroke. Saying if she didn't start again as soon as she could she never would because that fear is crippling. When you do yoga you feel the pressure in your head and neck but you don't know what's too far sometimes. You dent. Dr. Jen Ashton will talk more about this. Tell us more. So two important causes of stroke that people need to understand, it can be caused by hemorrhage or bleeding or by a clot. Those are the two main categories and if you think of this tube as one of the arteries in the brain or in this case really in the neck, one of the vertebral artery, if it gets kinked a clot can form. If it gets torn that can cause there have been case reports as we heard in Amy's piece of this rarely occurring with chiropractic, beauty salon. My mom suffered that when she got older. Any extreme position of your neck is kind of when they say, doc, it hurts when I do this. The doc says, don't do that. There are different types. Are the symptoms the same? The symptoms are the same. That's what people need to know. We go by F.S.A.T., facial droop, arm weakness, difficulty with speech, "T" is for time, time to call 911 because minutes matter when you have a stroke? We'll have you back.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Rebecca Leigh, 40, survived a stroke after filming a difficult handstand that landed her in the hospital with a torn carotid blood vessel, which caused a clot to go to her brain. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61947092","title":"Instagram star suffers stroke doing yoga move","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/instagram-star-suffers-stroke-yoga-move-61947092"}