Lilly is raising awareness for metastatic breast cancer

Miro Sorvino and Anna Kaiser teach "GMA" how to do the "Thriver" yoga routine for metastatic breast cancer awareness. Learn more at the MoreForMBC Facebook page.
3:49 | 10/12/18

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Transcript for Lilly is raising awareness for metastatic breast cancer
cancer awareness month. Our sponsored Lilly has launched the Lilly thriver movement. As part of its more for mbc initiative supporting those with metastatic breast cancer. Mira sorvino, Oscar winner, fitness expert Anna Kaiser from akt studio are both here again. They're here to continue our conversation. Let's get to it. We were so blessed to kick off the campaign yesterday. Right here on "Gma," Mira. What did that mean to you? It meant an enormous amount because I have lost two people very dear to me to this terrible disease. Metastatic breast cancer is the form of breast cancer that has moved from the original site in the breast to other parts of the body. It is the only kind of breast cancer that kills you yet gets a tiny percent of the attention and the research dollars, only 7% of all money raised for breast cancer goes to trying to find a cure for metastatic breast cancer. 40,000 people die a year from it. Whatever we're doing isn't enough. 113 people a day including two of my dearest friends. I feel your passion. I really do. We have to bring attention to metastatic breast cancer, to the community and have to bring the money. We have to find a cure. Anna, how do we do that? How can we make this happen? I love Lilly's campaign. More for mbc. We talk about breast cancer all the time. It's the "M" that is so important to talk about. The metastatic. Yes, so I've partnered with Lilly to create the thriver pose and flow to support the men and women who are affected by metastatic breast cancer. It's real. Both. So they conducted a nationwide more for mbc campaign and the results showed that nine out of ten people affected by this disease found yoga to be very helpful in managing the everyday impact and stress that the disease has on their lives. So this thriver pose serves as the symbol for the movement, hopefully it will raise funds and awareness. There it is, there you are. I was going to make you do it live but we have that beautiful video of you. That is a thriver pose. Yes. That's what it's all about, a message. How did it feel when we did the call to action and said, everybody get out there, put on social media a picture of you doing the thriver pose and with the #moreformbc. Anyone who does that Lilly will donate $100 to one of three charities. $100. In the middle of times square, it felt so good to do. An easy way to really help make a difference. Yes and the women with us are all metastatic patients. Should we do it, you guys? Should we get a group shot? Make Lilly give us $100 for everyone in the audience. Everybody, pose. Everybody pose. All right. Let's stand up of the let's stand up. All right. So you're going to put your feet together. You can also do it seated. I want to make sure as many people as possible can do this pose so ground your feet in the Earth, raise your palms, as you lift your arms and your gaze to the sky, you're going to raise your heart center, hit that thriver pose as we thrive as one. Oh, that feels good. It does feel good. Everybody post and tag. Post and tag. More for mbc. Thank you for your passion. Thank you. You know, robin calls those who have dealt with breast cancer not survivors, thrivers and I love that and I love this pose. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you for having us back. Guy, we need you to go to for more information on Lilly's thriver movement.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Miro Sorvino and Anna Kaiser teach \"GMA\" how to do the \"Thriver\" yoga routine for metastatic breast cancer awareness. Learn more at the MoreForMBC Facebook page.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58458462","title":"Lilly is raising awareness for metastatic breast cancer","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/lilly-raising-awareness-metastatic-breast-cancer-58458462"}