Liver recipient meets her donor for the 1st time live on 'GMA'

A young liver recipient meets the donor who saved her life.
8:24 | 04/16/19

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Transcript for Liver recipient meets her donor for the 1st time live on 'GMA'
Thank you, Regina. Time for tell T.J. Where we send T.J. Holmes on a mission to find remarkable people all across the country and share their stories and he's at the home of a special woman. Her name is Maddie and Maddie found out who her guardian angel -- she found out Maddie had a guardian angel. We'll ask T.J. How it's going so far. Good morning to you, Strahan. Yes, this is the village that produced and supported that guardian angel you're talking about. These are the friends and family of this young man, jaelin and this is the guy they supported in making a decision to put his own health at risk in order to try to save the life of a young woman he didn't even know, had not met and still hasn't met but here's the thing, Strahan. She lives here and she doesn't know we're all outside so, jaelin, you stay here for just a second. I'm going to go in. Maddie is expecting me, however, Maddie and her family actually are gathered downstairs waiting on me to come in and say hello to them and Maddie and crew, hello, good morning. Hi. I was just talking about you, Maddie. Scoot over here. I'm going to be part of the family. I was just talking about you and what you've gone through at the age of 19. Yeah. And how you found a guardian angel that's changed your life and it's a story that we just had to tell. Her photos tell the story of a happy teenager but on the inside Maddie Ricci's body was slowly deteriorating? As soon as I would open my eyes, I would have a migraine. I was tired all the time. My knees always hurt. Reporter: She was diagnosed with lupus at age 12 and her life completely changed. Then at 18 after more complications, doctors told her she needed a liver transplant to survive. Madison had started really deteriorating quickly at the last semester of school. She was having a really tough time getting to classes some day. My liver was basically they call it cirrhosis. Reporter: Doctors suggested she try for a living donor and so her mom turned to social media. I just put out a Facebook post that my daughter needs a liver. I mean, that's what you do for your child is your child needs help and you help them so that was the best way I knew how. Reporter: They needed an angel. And 22-year-old jaelin Highsmith answered the call. He saw that Facebook post. Something just grabbed me instantly. I know if I didn't at least try it would not have sat right with me knowing I had the chance to do something. Jaelin waist match. I was in shock. I was speechless. We had no idea who the donor was at all. We knew it was a he. Reporter: After four months of testing in December the day finally came. The exchange between these two total strangers was a success. I was just blown away. Like I don't know this person and they saved my life. I just wanted him to know he's amazing for this and I can't wait to meet him. I want jaelin to know first off that I am going to squeeze him as hard as I can and thank him from the bottom of our heart, how grateful we are. How thankful we are that we have Madison now every single day for the rest of her life because of him of the he's our angel. He's our hero. Now, a lot of people -- our entire audience saw that I need you to step with me a second. The whole family come with me. We were always amazed by the idea -- you all forgive us. We're provide deucing a little television here. Watch your step. The whole family, everybody come along. U.S. Funny to hear your mom who was talking about what she would do and we were amazed that you all had gone through all this and you had not still for whatever reason -- the guy saved your life and you hadn't had a chance to meet him yet and we thought that was just a shame. We thought that was just a shame so we thought maybe you should meet jaelin. Oh. How are you doing? ��� Even if I can't find heaven I'll walk in hell with you now you're not alone because I'm going to stand by you ��� ��� even if you can't find heaven I'm going to stand by you ��� ��� even if you can't find heaven I'll walk through hell with you ��� You're going to squeeze him so hard. Thank you. This is the first time everybody is getting a chance to meet. You all stay with me and this is the whole village that helped put all this together. And you tell me, now, they told me you weren't necessarily the emotional one. I didn't know what to expect when you came around the corner. What did you think when you laid eyes on him? Wow. Wow. Thanks. Jaelin, you have been talking to me for the past couple of hours about -- You were here for a couple -- Yes. We've been outside for awhile. Yes. I held him hostage in an SUV. I wouldn't let him out this morning but tell me, you were waiting on this moment as well. You didn't know how you'd react. Unreal is the best way to describe it. Just unreal. It's been a long time in the making and I'm happy it's finally here. She has a part of you now giving her life literally. Yes, absolutely, yeah. Robin, this was -- this was a heck of a story in the making and they let us be here for it. They were going to meet at some point. We were happy we were able to facilitate it. I love how the mothers made a beeline for each other and gave each other a hug. That was priceless. Jaelin, let me ask you this, I know that you saw on social media and you said that not many people get a chance to literally save somebody's life so what was the bottom line for you like what made you want to do this? I think for me the bottom line was the opportunity was there and there's no way I could pass it up. I knew from day one that if I was able to do this then I would do it and, you know, god blessed me and Maddie as well and I was a match and it all worked out perfectly. I'm very grateful for that. Angel. This question, I have the question for the moms, Tracee and Kris. You have an incredible support system but you found support in each other and you're complete strangers so for you, how was it to meet each other and how is it for you both to see your kids meet each other? I am so excited. I know. I'm like -- Been waiting so long. So long. So long, yeah, this is awesome. Yep. This is incredible. I'm glad to finally be able to lay eyes and hug. Waiting for this. You guys are excited and have inspired all of us. Thank you for sharing that incredible story. Just makes your week, doesn't it? You know, T.J., I know we ask you from time to time because people reach out to you, T.J. You get to be there on the front lines and witness it. What is it like for you to see this? You know, robin, you said earlier, you said I wonder how long it will take T.J. To cry. I'm good right now. I'm good right now. But everyone here, you don't see our crew, we have about 10, 12 guys, everyone who helped put the interviews together said these are two of the nicest families we have ever -- these are our audio guy, camera guys. These are the folks -- so much in news these days that turns you off and social media, how nasty people are to each other. This gives you faith and these stories are not hard to find, rob be. People like this are all over the place. Go tell T.J. Go tell T.J. Go tell T.J. Tell T.J. Tell the world. All right, T.J., thank you so much and thank you to both families and we're just so happy for everybody involved. We're happy everything is working out great.

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{"duration":"8:24","description":"A young liver recipient meets the donor who saved her life. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62425579","title":"Liver recipient meets her donor for the 1st time live on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/liver-recipient-meets-donor-1st-time-live-gma-62425579"}