'Miracle' baby born after mom had her fallopian tubes removed

Elizabeth Kough said she hugs her newborn son, Benjamin, "a little tighter" because of the miraculous way he came into this world.
4:40 | 06/19/19

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Transcript for 'Miracle' baby born after mom had her fallopian tubes removed
Now that miracle baby. One woman defying the odds and she had her fallopian tubes removed. It is incredibly rare and most have never heard of anything like this. She had a medical procedure and getting pregnant after that is much less likely than getting hit with lightning. That one in a million experience expanded her family. A miracle baby, Missouri mom Elizabeth Kough giving birth. I was getting to that age where maybe I should think about not having any more children. Reporter: Four years ago Elizabeth, 39, already a mother's day of three made the decision to have a bilateral salpingectomy to remove both of her fallopian tubes. My doctor said it was one of the most effective birth controls out there. Reporter: The surprise of her life, she got pregnant. I was just kind of shocked because that wasn't supposed to happen. Reporter: Elizabeth took a home pregnancy test and tested positive wanting answers went to get a second opinion. We went to the hospital and they did an ultrasound and told me he was in my uterus and he looked fine. He looks healthy. Everything was a normal Reporter: According to the American college of obstetricians and gynecologists when it comes to a partial removal of a fallopian tube tube, the rate is less than 1% and for a full removal, almost unheard of. He was incredibly unlikely. The probability was very low of me ever having this baby. Reporter: But Elizabeth doesn't call him her miracle baby instead her kids are calling him their angel baby. He is big and strong and healthy. This is so rare, sdafrd, that only a few other cases have been written or that the doctor rts aware of. Elizabeth is a planner and says it wasn't in the plans but after beating all these odds she says her baby's life is pretty normal. He looks pretty healthy. And happy too. Quite a story to tell him when he grows up. How is this possible? So rare but an example of how a lot of pregnancies are unplanned. That doesn't necessarily mean they're undesired soy let's go through some basic anatomy. Basic gyn anatomy. This is how fertilization normally occurs in the fallopian term where it meets and traftss to the uterus. When the tubachs have been completely removed that highlighted red circle is the only way that feather lied egg can get into the uterus and the way we think that happens this demonstration, this is how we cut off that opening from the tube to the uterus surgically when we take out a tube. Sometimes a little opening will develop and that causes a patentcy. And this is more common? It is all the rage in gyn. A plethora of reasons we would take it out starting with cases of ivf. Sometimes before a woman goes through in vitro fertilization we remove them because we know it causes inflammation and there could be damage from infection or a tubal pregnancy and we move the tube to dramatically lower the risks of ovarian cancer, 70% starts in the tube and it is a form of permanent birth control. When I was a resident we used to cut or tie the tube. Now we literally remove the What do you tell your patients when it comes to birth control? The only way to 100% prevent a pregnancy is with total abstinence. I want you to look these at least. Common forms of birth control, pills, 9%, 9 out of 100 women can get pregnant, condoms, 17%. Things more effective like an iud, less than 1%, tual ligation, 1 in a thousand. No such thing as 100%. Ginger. In our "Gma" moment, you kno We have a couple of

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Elizabeth Kough said she hugs her newborn son, Benjamin, \"a little tighter\" because of the miraculous way he came into this world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63803883","title":" 'Miracle' baby born after mom had her fallopian tubes removed","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/miracle-baby-born-mom-fallopian-tubes-removed-63803883"}