Can sleep camp improve the quality of your sleep?

"GMA" goes inside Bluesleep's sleep camp to learn about battling insomnia, and Dr. Ashton discusses how you can improve your sleep at home.
4:34 | 07/05/18

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Transcript for Can sleep camp improve the quality of your sleep?
Now the secrets to finally getta good T's sleep. Accord to the cdca, while 1/3 ofmericans are not getting the commended amount of less, at least seven Hou a night for adults, ABC's D Macedo signed found for sleep boot camp todome solutions. For getting sleep has bulls an a challenge and wor overt urs doesn help. So I'm headingoe sleep's Dr. Jordan stern toe if he N mix it. Turns out I'm doing everyg wrong. Between three S that varies from 3:00 A.M. To 9:00 A.M. Not counting ex-that oots. Impor to have a rou because your brain has routine schedule and all of the crills in your bodyave a 24r cycle. Reporter: My second mistake staying in bed even when I can't sleep. After 20 minutes, get out of domething THAs laxing then when you S feelingleepy get back into bed. To make up for it I take long naps. Ideally youuld N no longer than 2 minutesnd try to keep it a lst six or seven hours before you go to sleep. Reporter: E my ma pajamas were wrong. They can probablyause overheating. Finally my eating ha. Happy pizza day. Eating a big heavy meal will ache you feel sluggish. I quit pigging out bef be got lighter tjs and STA to go go to bad at 9:00 ? I'm deterd to make it till 9:00 A.M. The stand treatment. Still, my biggest challenge was less straightforward. When I finally get into bed my find I racing and I can't seem toalm wn. 9 bestolution for me a trick called construion worr a couple of hours before bedtime jot donything weighin on your mind now to res it.through weeks later. You're sleeping a rhyme amount of time and the ortion of deep sleep anticipate light you get I St Normal. Wh a few more adjents I'mally sleeving eight S. Joined byr.nifer Ashton to help untand and study more. Bere we do that I want T ask our audience how of you get at least sevenrs of sleep a night. Oh, nice. Qui a few.there are still a lot who didn't eheir hand. What is -- doc, so many didn't raise their ha what ie one thingou recommend top us sle better Here's thing that has to be excded first. Whhey say they're N sleeping well which I medically important exclude true made Cal causes really, Rea important.are finding themselvesing up. It could be adiac sue, wake upave to sitit your legsanging over or prop yourself often two or more pillows could be Seri going to the bath once a night okay two or three times not okay a coughing and sleep apnea are serious medical causeat have been exclude before we can tack there the behavior. There is aifference Ben men and women. So fascinating. Womee biologically programmed T beighter sleep that's to come from the enact we got to have oneere and one eye open if baby or child N us and men are programmed to sleep more sly when their partner iseping next to them. Mentfrment M. What do think about that? On't look at me, doc, hey, hey, hey. Whate do to get a good night sleep. Have our partner ere. Get someone sleeving next to you I you're a man. There are a lot of great products, avalanche,atonin ca used with caution because is a sleep hormone. Makee it is cool,dark, quietndemove anything with screen atst an Hou before T to bed. Anything with a screen. Unless you're watching reruns of "Goorning America." Well done,, well done. Well, hopefully everybody out there can at least get seven hours of sleep so they can be their best

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{"id":56379308,"title":"Can sleep camp improve the quality of your sleep? ","duration":"4:34","description":"\"GMA\" goes inside Bluesleep's sleep camp to learn about battling insomnia, and Dr. Ashton discusses how you can improve your sleep at home.","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/sleep-camp-improve-quality-sleep-56379308","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}