'Spice up your life' with these power spice recipes

Registered dietician and nutritionist Rachel Beller shares her favorite spice-filled recipes packed with health benefits from her new book, "Power Spicing."
4:43 | 12/04/19

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Transcript for 'Spice up your life' with these power spice recipes
and herbs don't just add flavor but health benefits. Registered dietitianist Rachel Beller is here with "Power spicing," recipes to help you stay healthy this winter. Actually can help us stay Yes, yes, rob London, there's thousands of studies looking at antioxidant, anti-inflame tri. Potential anti-cancer effects of spicing. It's incredible what we're finding and then there's something really cool which is a power of spice synergy. How you combine certain spices together, help your body optimize the absorption of the compound. That was the inspiration behind my spice blends. We can max out on what we need. It smells good already. Like anybody can do this. Anybody can do this. They can make their own blends. They can get blends. But it's really that cumulative effect. So you want to use spices over time for that healthy lifestyle. It's not about one dish or -- you can do this daily throughout your day. Is there something about fresh versus something that's already prepared for us. So, this is very interesting. People always think dried is not as good as fresh. But actually the dried spices may have even ten times more antioxidants than the fresh. So why are we doing all the chopping and dices. Because it's still good for us. It's still good. But what happens is when they're drying it, they're drying it, the phyto newt trents absorb -- how much of that is in there. It's very concentrated. Okay, let's get to this. You're talking about mixing and matching the spices. Yes. So this is what I call a very universal blend. It's called vegitude power and savory sizzle. They're all con taping turmeric and combined together. What I've done is basically here for breakfast is I have ceylon cinnamon, turmeric, cacao and ceylon sin Moen is true cinnamon, Kinder to your liver, sweeter and turmeric and cacao, spice synergy, it has something that helps your body absorb the active compound in turmeric. It works together. Like your oatmeal, cereal. What you'll do is add it to your oatmeal. Yep. And it's so good. So good. Fresh berries. Then you can also make a golden choco-latte. This has garlic and onion with turmeric, onion, black pepper and parsley. Garlic and onion have the potential to lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure. Really good for you and parsley has an ingredient that may support breast health. Combinatn, turmeric could be overpowering for some people. A little goes a long way. When you put it together it becomes universal. And that's the beauty of. I like the black pepper and turmeric together. That's what is special about turmeric. It helps bower body absorb 2,000% more of the active compound in turmeric. All right. All right. The oil too helps our body absorb. What you do is basically you recall's going to basically put this on your garganza beans. That's the vegitude power. She put this together and power spicing is out. The book is out. Everyone is going home with a copy of the book.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Registered dietician and nutritionist Rachel Beller shares her favorite spice-filled recipes packed with health benefits from her new book, \"Power Spicing.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67486172","title":"'Spice up your life' with these power spice recipes","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/spice-life-power-spice-recipes-67486172"}