Top tips for how to run without pain

An orthopedic surgeon breaks down what sort of pain should be a red flag when running, and how to fix common aches and enjoy getting in shape.
3:23 | 07/11/18

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Transcript for Top tips for how to run without pain
Now to our series, ling for millions tg to getitnning is their go to but can ad to Sor this is and strains and Becky worlean looking at what is calling T pain's how to stop it. Hey, Becky. Good morning, Michael. Why does sm like some people run effortlessly? Is there som secret to running pain-free? I went to one O orthopedists iheountry to nd out. Runnint's great exercise, bu ow.65 millionmericans rach year but many have to stop because O pain like Stephanie who has been delined six months. So I've had a low problem for . Reporter: She'sting wh Dr. Kevin who has treated thousands of professional athletes and aging jocksalike. Dr. Stone Anas walk, H running, even her shoes. We're going T start looking for the mechanical cau our back pain. Reporter:ot structurally wrong so whats doing to cause pa first tull pretty these inserts andancy shoe that is may not HT for. A good detective T figure out what's causing it this is the fir thing. Reportehe runs all on pant. Our inside says diver surfaces. Except for the bnd grass and trail ru Repr: He even suggests barefootun to strengthen her . Start strengthening themall muscles on the foot and improving the ability of the foot to absorb forcehen you land. Reportehile Stephanie's shall Ares may be resolved with neea for many the issue is structural. I've injured my knee in the past. What's the worst thing you can do to yourself if you have pain when you're running? Running through pain. That's it. R through pain is cag damage. Reporter: But there are techniques that don'tne says can help. First run uphill then walk down. Running up optimizes the load on th muscles and pros a great workout W joint stress. Next increase de that doesn't mean run faster, rather take moror strides, think fredflinne or a log roll when youand on your toe on Aho strideou have the time to absorb force tgh ring pain D stone says get off the treadmill and try running outside. If you're happy when you're running, you probably okay. Now, one more tip, if you're tight, lockedup, your range of motion in the J isited and that puts more stress on it. This might see like a captain obvious tiut you got to stretch. D here's the thing, WHE did you actually L to stretch?was it JV basketball or high school P.E. Class? Dr. Stone says stretching has evolved it's wor to get a coach. Be it ACA therapy or stage therapy or one-on-one with a yogacher so, Michael, you got to up your stretching game and you can run pain-free. So up your stretching game. No pain, no gain I not actually true. Ou're in pain make sure you get yourself checked out. Th you so much, R lik Fred flintsto get Alf Becky's must know tips on how to run without pain our website,

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{"id":56507703,"title":"Top tips for how to run without pain","duration":"3:23","description":"An orthopedic surgeon breaks down what sort of pain should be a red flag when running, and how to fix common aches and enjoy getting in shape.","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/top-tips-run-pain-56507703","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}