Train My Way: How to fit exercise in the 9 to 5 grind

Celebrity trainer Holly Rilinger has the solution you need to get moving.
5:36 | 01/14/19

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Transcript for Train My Way: How to fit exercise in the 9 to 5 grind
Nine to five job is definitely an easy excuse not to exercise at the end of the day the last thing I want to do is work out there it's. You're motivation tonight I am so tired and you've been hearing lately I had fitness trainers iced. Taking classics iPad nutritionists and I never really solid results so that's definitely taken its hold on. I don't want those guns today people inning taste I want. The BC is. That way. I'm celebrity trainer holly later. My client is it's just your average person. Nor my lap 100 hand. Everywhere I've been there might sweet spot is. Finding a person. Tonight at that point there at that moment that you know what he would coach I want help them ready. Hey. I'm a more. So we have six weeks eight weeks at it and Arlen. I speak. They both decided to put plant scheduled. Ross and kind of news meets an apple. Back. That. The last part of that each piece is specially easily ten minutes super easy pushing it estimates and it's in the day we're in this together. And as things you want him back so mean you got that six week except actually shoulder. Yes you're ready I'm ready to spin ask. Don't have a lot of our. One next. Com. I think that it. You very lot brother. Who. Some mornings I'm a little tired and definitely don't feel as noted that it I'd like. I am going to look at how many there is zero motivations nice high end food hired as you can you're an oblique. But I actually get away at a that at Wheeling and afterward if that's rewarding had kind of bring me through the wrath of my dad. Ally over again last Saturday Sweeney and yelling and meditate and those at highest. Your wrath and we're going to this moment where he remember all these feelings. Conflicts. Your next. Doing. I don't. I think. I'm from Julie is that the struck is. Real with work. He had his parents and an eighteen game winning and I just got our friends and that's just get up at 6 morning and then go to work or have a full day at work. And then good again at 7 PM with me. She's hot need to have a lot of compassion for people when they say I'm really tired to work out my daily life. So with friends and weeks have been very hectic sanctions and mean changes in myself that I. Didn't even know where possible of I think it's also very important for me to step. Into Julie issues in. So many issues and know that time is a really really hard thing for a lot of people and her being able to work that in her life. I commend her under percent. And canned line say that it's all been positive I definitely had some rest moments. Some discouraging times where I've been telling myself not seeing the results as fast assailants play. She always comes in with a great attitude ready to go hard at ready to do more most times as a trainer. Which our successful. Happy he's not just me in now. I don't look for every reason to you. And it's been thirty names we did it. God I. I am feeling that amazing but I feel like I'm a different person and went like those like thirty. I just felt. Happy and sell light. Proud of myself which is near and partly out flight path. Out of myself and yells Ron. Howard I can do and just for the record but he sent me well like in. Miss before our views. You feel pretty confident I posited that. I feel like. I didn't really directly but right ill and you literally means the light and you need to Wear off even at night as bright light. They're out at night when I thought I mean wearing an average eight up but I feel like night and awful new birth and I've been ill and I. I literally went up like I I love you so much. And I hate this name. Who. Inspires other people know that. You can do anything but your mind Sheila. They are such as the busy where's that. As an excuse of why he can't do something but more because he might just be scared overnight. And now I know that I can do it and now I have this positive lifestyle because of it. And it's something that I'm. I wouldn't change and I'm so happy that islanders.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"Celebrity trainer Holly Rilinger has the solution you need to get moving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60337804","title":"Train My Way: How to fit exercise in the 9 to 5 grind","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/train-fit-exercise-grind-60337804"}