How 2 women each lost half their body weight

Tickisha Reid and Elizabeth Hronek reveal what motivated them to each lose more than 100 pounds through diet and exercise alone.
5:42 | 01/03/19

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Transcript for How 2 women each lost half their body weight
Well with your New Year's resolutions call you at home are doing well too you know losing. Wait there's a number one number one New Year's resolution for women that's according to a Marist poll. And this morning we've got some inspiration for you from two women featured in people magazine's half their size issue who lost more than half. Their body weight we're gonna need to live in a. Whether or. Their stories. Yeah 35 year old teacher read battled her way most of her life he Dunn EA ha you have loans Arenstein. At almost 300 pounds. She's a breaking point shortly after giving birth to her son Christopher in 2004 rates would be. Am just glad to meet the cameras and any Elizabeth horn next face the same struggles as a child feeling left out on her swim team. Sleep around our Ali innocence. I don't know I. As the IB. In college Elizabeth became pregnant and didn't even know until her water broke. Labor Barnes and it hurt you are completely beat both women inspired by their children to shed the pounds. Elizabeth cut out carves sugar and dairy from her diet while she showed joined Weight Watchers. England he didn't partial control. How many happy actually is ours alone. And it really are going to be your really didn't. Okay. In fact with folks who appreciate this is that we always we'll hear this issue it's been seventeen years seventeen years now and this is a reader favorite all the staffers all the readers get so excited port of course this kind of year. Everyone's thinking about getting healthy getting shouldn't earning waits with millions of common theme in the seventeen years of what works we have we've found that people are more successful when they surround themselves by people who want to help them on their Japan if so whether it's a family member. A friend who wants to lose weight espouse family likely Sayyaf yesterday. You wanna be with people who will support you and be happy for you when you this that way it's right OK we're going to be these two inspiring women who adaptation first so what's clear picture of key show. Before. This is hurt before. And this if he should now come on how can. Hey he said it. That was the first at this time at. I'm going to be around for my satellite will be held seeing and dance and just anyone to miss any important life milestones in life and this is moving here from so many women especially in the issue is that. They have a child anything I don't want my kids to be believed you mention the you're ostracized when you're younger he didn't want that life for your son and you wanted to pass on healthy eating from him them. And you then and then you have kept it off for four years. Okay. I I joined a boxing jam isles both audio that practice on inching in fasting and it also. I'm begin I haven't. I practice of printing plants. All of those things he made those changes in the death with it and it's so hard sometimes I even doing this you've been on the streaming since 2005. Again and I think that's really important for people to remember you can have sat facts and quickly back on that doesn't mean. Oh this is going to be my life reverend always going to be overweight you just have to keep and right pat from. And now a little bet this movie Elizabeth before her. And listen live come on out we want to Simi. License to you both. And it also would cure child as well as well and it can get through this child. Well I living in my car the end I was going to school. And I swear it's you have to McCain singing and they got my classmate inmates let me get a healthy marriage in that lady like scantily. You're doing your part you wouldn't you you're so disconnected from your body is connected yes ma'am sir not until he went into labor did you know. No man wow this might be the most impact those stories we've Hannity in all seventeen years of doom. The zionists I mean. Nobody in the office can stop talking about this the readers are just so impacted by this it's really incredible. Goodness gracious and and so what if that now you're. What are you doing now. Play now. I am a body empowerment cuts I don't know what cash. Patient personal training initiatives bare feet in the high to help others. They can you imagine doesn't help either that and it's so in it helped me. So I get to help others on their journey and perhaps inspired me as well merchants of bodybuilding competitions as well. This yeah. Gave both and so we thank you thank you and we're sharing the stories with all of us and just giving us that motivation. We touch it is economy here. OK and you can see people's half their size issue hits the newsstands. Tomorrow and to learn more about our January wellness challenges and how new convey your best self. In the new year serene and 2019. And I didn't see it on our website.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"Tickisha Reid and Elizabeth Hronek reveal what motivated them to each lose more than 100 pounds through diet and exercise alone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60136386","title":"How 2 women each lost half their body weight","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/women-lost-half-body-weight-60136386"}