10 Percent of Imported Spices Contaminated: FDA

Dr. Richard Besser discusses a warning about spices contaminated with salmonella and bug parts.
1:30 | 10/31/13

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Transcript for 10 Percent of Imported Spices Contaminated: FDA
Now, to a health warning about something that could be sitting in your kitchen cabinet. The fda reporting this morning, more than 10% of spices are contaminated with bug parts, salmonella. Abc's chief medical editor, dr. Richard besser is here with this. How serious is this, rich? The fda did a study. They found 12% of all imparted spices are contaminated with insect parts or rodent hairs. The bug parts aren't going to harm you. No one wants to eat those. The salmonella can cause disease. But we tend to cook the spices. We tend not to use many of them. But there's probably disease we don't know about. You think it's the chicken not the paprika. How do you keep the imparts away from the table? The fda proposed new food safety rules to make sure that foreign suppliers are doing things properly. This is a wake-up call to them that they have to clean up the plants. When you see this in manufacturing, there's a problem. What can we do to protect yourselves? If you're someone, if you cook your food well, you're going to kill salmonella. If you have high risk for salmonella, elderly, very young or with an immune problem, you want to make sure the spices get cooked in well. 90% of all of our spices are imported. And the labels don't have to say where they're coming from. A lot of us do it right at the end. That won't protect you. Okay. Thanks a lot, rich. We're going to turn, now, to a free speech battle that could

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{"duration":"1:30","description":"Dr. Richard Besser discusses a warning about spices contaminated with salmonella and bug parts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20737997","title":"10 Percent of Imported Spices Contaminated: FDA","url":"/GMA/video/10-percent-imported-spices-contaminated-fda-20737997"}