12-Year-Old Brain-Eating Amoeba Survivor Speaks Out

Kali Hardig contracted dangerous brain-eating infection at an Arkansas water park.
2:22 | 09/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 12-Year-Old Brain-Eating Amoeba Survivor Speaks Out
who beat the odds. Just the third person ever in north america to survive a rare brain infection, amy. It's incredible. For two months, kaley hardig has been battling this fatal infection. And now, she's speaking out for the first time. Three. Four. Reporter: It's a sight no one ever thought they'd see. Do this stuff every day when you go home, right? No. Reporter:12-year-old kaley hardig, standing, smiling. And this morning, for the first time, speaking about her dramatic brush with death. I was sick. My momma wouldn't leave the hospital. Momma was scared to leave me, she told me. Reporter:9 weeks ago, young kali contracted a brain-eating infection at an arkansas water park. There's only been 128 known infections in the u.S. Over the last 50 years. And miraculously, kali is the third person to survive. And more miraculous, today, she's going home. What are your thoughts going to be when you get home? Play with kloee, my dog, kloee. I have a yorkie. And I'm going to play with her. Reporter: Kali has undergan intensive therapy. And takes special medications flown in from germany. It was the speed with which her mother brought her to the hospital after being infected that made all of the difference. Today, that quick-thinking mother says she couldn't be more relieved. Can you remember what you said the first time you spoke to me. Momma. And mom was ecstatic. Reporter: Now, with a renewed lease on life, kali says with a big smile, that she has even bigger plans. I plan to become a hair stylist. And do hair. Yep. That's my dream. Oh. Her doctor says she can go back to school on monday. That's amazing. For the first half of the day. And continue therapy in the second half of the day. She is a walking miracle. She is. And her mom is the one to thank for this. Interesting. Doing this show, we start covering these stories as news stories. And now, to see her, now to see her come back. That's great.

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{"id":20222736,"title":"12-Year-Old Brain-Eating Amoeba Survivor Speaks Out","duration":"2:22","description":"Kali Hardig contracted dangerous brain-eating infection at an Arkansas water park.","url":"/GMA/video/12-year-brain-eating-amoeba-survivor-speaks-20222736","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}