1,200 Americans rescued in the Caribbean

Hundreds of U.S. tourists have been rescued from the Caribbean in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.
2:20 | 09/10/17

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Transcript for 1,200 Americans rescued in the Caribbean
We want to welcome you back to our coverage of hurricane Irma. This morning, we're hearing horror stories of Americans caught in the storm. Ravaging the island of St. Martin. James Longman is in the Bahamas where he rode out the storm. Reporter: Good morning. The rescue operation in the caribbean is in full swing. 1200 Americans have been evacuated. Big c-130 planes out of St. Martin's over to Puerto Rico. 5,000 remain. Linzie Janis has been in Puerto Rico listening to some of the stories. They're truly terrifying. We were going to perish together. It blew the doors in. Our windows in. It blew the doors in. The ceilings started to come down. It was like "Poltergeist." The walls were shaking. One woman told Linzie she and her mother were on vacation. Her mother 80 years old. Cars flailing in the wind. Exploding. Groups of men in hair hotel, raiding it, looting it, stealing from ges the punching a tourist. A truly terrifying situation for the tourists and those who remain. The race is on the evacuate more from those eye lapds. How slong that process expected expect Ed to take, James? To get the Americans left behind in a horrifying environment. You lack power and rule of law. Reporter: Well, absolutely. I mean, the thing is, there are other weather fronts coming in. There are -- Jose, another hurricane, that's thought it might cut the edge of the British Virgin Islands, the American Virgin Islands. It's unclear how long it will take for the Americans to air-lift people to safety. 5,000 waiting. Many of them without power. Having seen massive devastation. Once all this becomes clear, the rescue efforts go through. Then, of course, the process of rebuilding. It will be a long journey. Thank you, James Longman. Knowing that it's hittinging us right now. Lit continue throughout the day. Probably parts of tomorrow and perhaps beyond that.

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{"id":49739382,"title":"1,200 Americans rescued in the Caribbean","duration":"2:20","description":"Hundreds of U.S. tourists have been rescued from the Caribbean in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.","url":"/GMA/video/1200-americans-rescued-caribbean-49739382","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}